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Synonyms for sparkleberry

shrub or small tree of eastern United States having black inedible berries

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Sparkleberry, Red Sprite and Winter Red are all superb performers.
"I had him all to myself," Ruark wrote, "as he lay there in the aromatic crushed ferns." He felt "like a boy alone in a big cathedral of oaks and cypress in a vast swamp where doves made sobbing sounds and the late birds walked and talked in the sparkleberry bushes."
There were also spruce pine, red oak and white oak, hickory, and the twisted reddish trunks of sparkleberry.
Plant one male like "Raritan Chief" with groupings of "Red Sprite," "Sparkleberry," and "Winter Red" for a visual treat for you and tasty meals for the birds.
Red Sprite, Sparkleberry and Winter Red are three cultivars that no winter garden should be without.
Other now-standard nursery offerings are 'Cayuga' viburnum, 'Sparkleberry' holly, 'Blue Lagoon' juniper, and 'Green Giant' arborvitae.