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a wire net to stop sparks from an open fireplace or smokestack

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Los primeros tres se generaron por los perfiladores de fondo Pinger y Sparker, mientras los seis (06) restantes, de las secciones sismicas multicanal 2D.
Financial support for this work was provided by the research projects CGL2011-30153-C02-02, FASEGEO (CGL2009-09726), EVENT (CGL 2006-12861-C02-02) and SHAKE (CGL 2011-30005-C02-02) and Acciones Complementarias EVENT-SHELF (CTM 2008-03346E/MAR) and SPARKER (CTM 2008-03208-E/MAR).
So, during this phase of the survey, a different sound source, the Applied Acoustics' Squid 2000 Sparker, was teamed with the CSP-D 2400.
Sparker (2003) stated that "team teaching can make learning a cooperative and growing process for both students and teachers".
If the little sparker gizmo on your propane grill isn't working, turn off the propane and get the starter replaced or repaired.
The Pedersoli lock proved to be an excellent sparker, although the trigger pull was a bit heavy.
We found that blue whales called consistently more on seismic exploration days than on non-exploration days as well as during periods within a seismic survey day when the sparker was operating," she said.
Hury: Sparker Booby, Diawl Bach, Pheasant tail Nymph, Black Hopper, Foam Beetle.
Los equipos utilizados para ambas adquisiciones fueron un sparker de 1,1kHz y un perfilador de fango (sub-bottom profiler o pinger) de 3,5kHz, respectivamente.
The engine is a sparker and in normal conditions gives similar performance to sports coupe.
Archers Sparker had been supported by a few shrewd judges at the early prices in heat two, and John Mullins' bitch went about her work well despite running very wide at the bends.
It contains the basics for survival on land: compass, flint sparker and tinder, aluminum foil for water containment, whistle, mirror, fishing kit, scalpel blade and duct tape, among others.
Moses" Streamliner John Parker's Darker Sparker (83)
COLONEL ta2 = colonelcy, corolline TOM tp = mot TOM ta1 = atom, moot, most, moth, omit, tomb TOM ta2 = comet, emote, moist, motel, motor, storm PARKER tp = repark PARKER ta1 = parkier, reparks, sparker PARKER ta2 = parroket, partaker, prefrank, sparkler