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electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark

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Spark Plugs Although many spark plugs are designed to last as long as 100,000 miles, certain conditions can damage the plugs, resulting in engine misfires, poor fuel economy and other malfunctions that affect overall engine performance.
In terms of spark plug types, copper based spark plugs hold a majority share in India's automotive spark plug market.
Denso Corporation (Denso), an auto parts supplier, is introducing a fuel-efficient spark plug in Japan on January 6, 2010.
The new spark plug also uses a newly-developed material, a nickel alloy, for the ground and center electrodes.
And the laser beam will be delivered to the combustion chamber through a fibre optic cable, requiring less space than a spark plug and so allowing bigger, more efficient, engine valves needed for better combustion.
TVS Motor Company on Wednesday got a breather with the Supreme Court allowing it to manufacture and sell 125- cc Flame motorcycles with twin- spark plug technology on which arch rival Bajaj Auto claims to hold a patent.
recently announced that its Pulstar pulse plug prototype has demonstrated improved fuel efficiency in testing when compared with conventional spark plugs.
A statement from the company said: "Unfortunately, our Champion Spark Plug plant in Upton on the Wirral has beenlosing money for several years.
Heavy carbon buildup in the igniter tube can ground out the spark plug and burn out the igniter.
Results of the Winston West-Bosch Spark Plug 150 contested at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday.
IT MAY be tiny and relatively inexpensive, but the spark plug is a vital component in any car.
As part of the agreement, NGK Spark Plug will develop new products based on IBM's advanced chip-packaging technologies for supply to the U.
Johnson and his Hot Springs f factory are out to clean the air and shake up the automotive world by building a better spark plug.
There was a time when you might have been expected to know what a spark plug did and removing them was a straight- forward process.
In addition to these excessive maintenance costs, the defective spark plug problem may also reduce the value of the vehicles.