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electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark

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The longer the discharge channel, the more spark plug cooling loss percentage of total energy was reduced.
Tawag ko nga dyan 'spark plug' kasi yan yung talagang pagsinalpak mo yan sa team, bumubuhay talaga doon sa team namin," de los Santos said after the game.
Global Spark Plug Market is estimated to grow significantly in the forecast period owing to the rising use of iridium material in new engine models.
[ClickPress, Thu Jun 20 2019] The new research report on global spark plug market is an analysis of the overall development of the global market during the forecast period.
Remove the top spark plugs and through the spark plug hole, spray the interior of each cylinder with approximately two ounces of the preservative oil mixture using an airless spray gun (one is the Spraying Systems Company Gunjet Model 24A-8395 or equivalent).
First Sitting must concede 3lb to his old rival Spark Plug, who he beat by a nose when landing the Listed Festival Stakes at the Sussex track in May 2017.
Compression: When the piston is pushed back to the top of the cylinder, it compresses the mixture, thus making it more flammable and causing the spark plug to fire.
Reuters has reported citing NGK's senior general manager of engineering and R&D, Takio Kojima, 'We realised that it was inevitable that the industry would at some point shift from the internal combustion engine to battery EVs, and that ultimately this could make our spark plug and oxygen sensor businesses obsolete.'
He said: "I'm sure people don't even realise we still have spark plugs.
But engines designed for 80 octane fuel (red), which is no longer available in the U.S., and operated on 100LL (blue), can experience lead-fouled spark plugs. The Continental 0-470 variant in Roger's Skylane is one of those engines.
SPARK PLUG was an electrifying winner of the Cambridgeshire as he gave trainer Brian Meehan a first triumph in the Newmarket cavalry charge.
Brian Meehan can come out of the relative wilderness by winning the Betfred Cambridgeshire with Spark Plug. The Manton handler has not had a marquee horse for quite a while now, but that might all change after the big handicap over nine furlongs.
Spark Plug has not won since last May, but that should not be too off-putting if his stealthy progress this summer is factored into the equation.
The automotive spark plug is a device designed to fit in each cylinder of a gasoline-powered internal-combustion engine to produce the electric spark for ignition of the air-fuel mixture.
Throughout the Spark Plug campaign, business bank customers submitted nominations for the chance to receive custom print, out-of-home, video, and digital advertisements, at no cost to them.