spark off

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Synonyms for spark off

put in motion or move to act

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UrbanAmerica's hope is 'that their initial investment will spark off other developments in the neighborhood, making the value of the whole market go up.
Did Stonewall really spark off a burst of liberation (as opposed to reform) movements?
People picking up free shares from the building societies this time round are set to spark off a spending boom in the high street with up to pounds 7billion being splashed out on goods and holidays.
Lucidly written, it is an important and provocative work which should spark off much discussion.
The figure could spark off a political controversy next month when the new Road Safety Authority takes over from the National Safety Council (NSC).
Looking at the crime scene from a police point of view can also spark off ideas.
With the spot-kick scores at 7-7 Young kept his cool to beat Davey Mathieson and spark off the Raith celebrations.
At the age of 15, the Liverpudlian took part in the inaugural Faldo Junior Series on the course and won it by four strokes to spark off a link with Faldo that continues to this day.
Unlike last year's duets--Petit's Bolero and a sultry, sexy piece by William Tuckett, to music of Louis Armstrong--this year's program lacked the sizzle and sensuality needed to spark off the partnership and, all too often, the choreographic cloud canopy befogged the sparkle of our stargazing.
Oil-rich Shetland is set to spark off a gold rush - after geologists yesterday revealed "encouraging" signs of deposits in the islands.
The news is set to spark off a major political struggle as reformers and old-style Communists jockey for power.
With the spot-kick scores at 7-7, Young kept his cool to beat Davey Mathieson and spark off the Raith celebrations.