spark off

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Synonyms for spark off

put in motion or move to act

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The People reveals today that this is set to spark off fuel protests of the kind which brought Britain to a halt in 2000.
The two super-dancers spark off each other's talents--Valdes skims the stage with speedy footwork, soars high, and balances for an eternity, while Acosta unleashes macho, fire-cracking technique and charisma.
But it might spark off massive political pressure on Chancellor Gordon Brown to lower the high level of duty on fuel.
It seems that just wearing a top from the opposing team is enough to spark off violence.
Short of an irrationally interesting fragment of imagery to spark off, he'll wrap those painted borders around any old kitsch scene (the silhouetted women lounging under palm trees in Daloa, 2003, for example), activate the surface with a polychrome shitstorm of extruded gobbets of paint, and cross his fingers.
surprise attack on its nuclear facilities would ''spark off a total war.''
UrbanAmerica's hope is 'that their initial investment will spark off other developments in the neighborhood, making the value of the whole market go up.
Did Stonewall really spark off a burst of liberation (as opposed to reform) movements?
Lucidly written, it is an important and provocative work which should spark off much discussion.
He said: "It all seemed to spark off within weeks of Liz dying.
"Looking at the crime scene from a police point of view can also spark off ideas.
With the spot-kick scores at 7-7, Young kept his cool to beat Davey Mathieson and spark off the Raith celebrations.
At the age of 15, the Liverpudlian took part in the inaugural Faldo Junior Series on the course and won it by four strokes to spark off a link with Faldo that continues to this day.