spark gap

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a component of an ignition system

the gap between two high-potential terminals

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Such a scheme allows one to obtain nanosecond pulses with amplitude of hundreds of kilovolts and more on the load by using a linear pulse transformer as a stepup pulse transformer having one turn in the secondary winding and a high-speed spark gap as the closing switch SD.
The beam was focused to a 5 x 6 [micro]m spot using a pair of focusing mirrors, with the focal point at the center of the spark gap.
If charging voltage exceeds breakdown voltage of spark gap, the gap breaks down and the capacitor discharges.
Keywords: Gas lasers, TEA Nitrogen Laser, Inductance of Spark gap, Resistance of Spark Gap
At MV levels, it becomes necessary to immerse circuitry in insulating oil, so some other means of triggering the spark gaps must be provided.
For the constructed test bench, the Paschen's Law variables was simulated only by spark gap variation between the electrodes, in other words, the Equation (1) right side numerator product will be represented only by the electrodes gap, while the environmental conditions are the local atmospheric, monitored during the trial.
Those early, simple spark gap transmitters have an ancestry that can be traced back to the electrical machines and Leyden jars that 18th-century experimenters used to astound their spectators.
It does precisely as its name states, electrically insulates the central electrode from the external portion of the plug as part of the spark gap and keeps some of the heat from the interior of the plug away from the fuel/air mixture.
The striking pattern of one coil is shifted to be 90 degrees out of phase with the second coil, creating a continuous current flow through the spark gap.
Kutz held up some of the items purchased by undercover investigators, including a small device that looked like a spark plug called a triggered spark gap.
When the machining is done during time ON, the spark gap is bridged, current is generated and the work is accomplished.
To fully understand the unique importance of this new development consider the gas capsule lightning protector based on the spark gap principle.
The machine's dielectric fluid operation helps minimize spark gap and enhances a quality finish, according to Makino, while the core and slug removal unit improves the flushing of particulates and increases uptime.
The machine's dielectric fluid operation helps to minimize spark gap and enhance finish.
The STS-TC Transportable Spark Gap Lithotripter allows users to choose the level of service that will work best for them.