spark gap

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a component of an ignition system

the gap between two high-potential terminals

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Limited Tenders are invited for Trigger Transformer For Spark Gap
The EDM pulse is diffused in the spark gap, creating a smaller crater than that of a conventional EDM and, consequently, better finish and removal rates.
The metal work-piece is submerged in a dielectric fluid (electrically non-conducting) and separated from the tool by a very small spark gap.
Tenders are invited for Surge Arrester Of Class B Type Suitable For Use With Ips As Per Specification :- Line To Neutral - Neutral To Earth ,1- Type Encapsulated / Non- Exhausting Spark Gap, 2- Nominal Voltage , Un:- 230V, 50/60 Hz.
Working in close collaboration with Siemens, STS developed LithoGold, a new spark gap shockwave lithotripsy unit.
manufactured system that utilizes spark gap technology, which effectively pulverizes stones with lower shockwave counts, resulting in reduced exposure to radiation.
When Wilson Greatbatch came up with the idea of a spark gap switch, we were amazed at its simplicity, effectiveness, and creativity.
Tenders are invited for Spark Gap Earthing Device As Per Drg.
This results in a spark gap that remains unchanged.