spark gap

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a component of an ignition system

the gap between two high-potential terminals

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The current flows through the spark gap into the secondary coil.
For peaking of the pulse front, SOS diodes in the high-voltage PT circuit, as well as spark gaps, can be used.
If charging voltage exceeds breakdown voltage of spark gap, the gap breaks down and the capacitor discharges.
Keywords: Gas lasers, TEA Nitrogen Laser, Inductance of Spark gap, Resistance of Spark Gap
At MV levels, it becomes necessary to immerse circuitry in insulating oil, so some other means of triggering the spark gaps must be provided.
For the constructed test bench, the Paschen's Law variables was simulated only by spark gap variation between the electrodes, in other words, the Equation (1) right side numerator product will be represented only by the electrodes gap, while the environmental conditions are the local atmospheric, monitored during the trial.
The main experiments were performed using RSM based Box-Behnken design including pulse on time, pulse off time, peak current, spark gap voltage, wire feed, and wire tension machine parameters as shown in Table 1.
Those early, simple spark gap transmitters have an ancestry that can be traced back to the electrical machines and Leyden jars that 18th-century experimenters used to astound their spectators.
The resulting formation of an electrical arc across the spark gap produces a localized plasma region (i.e., ionized gas) that emits UV radiation and generates pressure and thermal shocks [6].
Boiled down to the basics, the purpose of an aircraft spark plug is to take some 25,000 volts from a magneto and create a spark that jumps through a spark gap between center and ground electrodes with the proper intensity to ignite a fuel/air mixture effectively, efficiently and without fail.
Artefacts on show link locals to the famous ship and include Artie's spark gap transmitter, which was recently loaned to the exhibition by Blackwood and District Amateur Radio Society.
The striking pattern of one coil is shifted to be 90 degrees out of phase with the second coil, creating a continuous current flow through the spark gap.
"In the X26, we used a spark gap, a pretty limited device, but it was the one that controlled the are jump," says Gish.