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the timing of ignition relative to the position of the piston in an internal-combustion engine


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The overall test matrix is illustrated in Table 2; the spark advance at the reference gasoline cases (W/G=0) was relative to the most advanced one without knock, whereas a sweep was carried out for W/G=0.
The latter indicates, as expected, that the Knock Limited Spark Advance (KLSA) increases with water amount.
However, while spark advance enables maximum power output, it also increases in-cylinder burnt and unburned gas temperatures, resulting into higher probability of auto-ignition in the unburned zone and higher NOx formation in the burnt zone.
Because flame speed is decreased, additional spark advance is required.
In the second part of the study, a light knock operating condition is simulated with the same model setup, increasing the spark advance by 3 CAD.
As direct injection is relatively a new technology, DI engines used were probably calibrated more conservatively (as seen by respective spark advance plots) in the U.
A proper combination of the air-to-fuel ratio, EGR or WI level and Spark Advance (SA) must be realized [13] in fact to also keep under control cyclic dispersion phenomena, and ensure an optimal vehicle drivability.
In such cases, prediction of a knock-limited spark advance can be beneficial, particularly during the engine development phase.
A National Instruments CompactRio system was used as an engine control unit to allow control of relevant engine parameters such as spark advance.
The concepts that led and continue to lead to the discovery and understanding of the states of matter are generating breakthroughs at the forefront of materials research that spark advances across many areas of science and engineering.
We also predict that the continued advancement of speed and quality from digital inkjet press platforms will also spark advances in ink technology," Mr.
The model promises to spark advances in AMD treatments and genetic susceptibility tests.
The research performed at NSLS-II will probe the fundamental structure of novel materials and help drive the development of low-cost, low-carbon energy technologies, spark advances in environmental science, and spur medical breakthroughs, said Secretary Moniz.
It was welcomed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who called broadband a transformative technology that has the potential to spark advances across all three pillars of sustainable development: economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.