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Synonyms for sparingly

to a meager degree or in a meager manner

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And now, to support my spirits, which indeed wanted it very much, I went to my little store, and took a small sup of rum; which, however, I did then and always very sparingly, knowing I could have no more when that was gone.
Even mentally weakened as he was the ape-man was still master of his appetite and so he ate but sparingly, saving the rest, and then, feeling that he now could do so safely, he turned upon his side and slept.
The plain round the outskirts of Callao is sparingly covered with a coarse grass, and in some parts there are a few stagnant, though very small, pools of water.
It was plainly parted under a spotless lace cap, sparingly ornamented with mourning ribbons.
It is a kind of sea-weed, rich in nicotine, with which the sea provides me, but somewhat sparingly.
Our clothes were mended, turned, and darned to the utmost verge of decency; our food, always plain, was now simplified to an unprecedented degree--except my father's favourite dishes; our coals and candles were painfully economized--the pair of candles reduced to one, and that most sparingly used; the coals carefully husbanded in the half-empty grate: especially when my father was out on his parish duties, or confined to bed through illness--then we sat with our feet on the fender, scraping the perishing embers together from time to time, and occasionally adding a slight scattering of the dust and fragments of coal, just to keep them alive.
Note that while these are colognes that evaporate after a few hours, leaving only a lingering scent, they are initially strong and are best worn sparingly.
Global Banking News-July 6, 2016--Brazil central banker says forex tools would be used sparingly
The city of Tshwane has made an appeal to residents in Constantia Park, Erasmusrand and Waterkloof Ridge to utilize water sparingly.
The 25-year-old Scot, who has been competing sparingly in 2014, came 14th at the Commonwealth Games but started her winter season with successive wins.
Or grow your carrots in big pots, sprinkling seed sparingly on the surface of good compost.
Spray any early growth with tepid water in the light to soften the wood, but do this sparingly.
has patented a floor finish stripper or scrub and recoat composition that contains sparingly water-soluble floor finish solvent; water; nonethoxylated coupler consisting of toluene, xylene, or cumene sulfonic acid or mixtures thereof in an amount sufficient to provide a homogenous aqueous liquid phase and no or low foaming during shaking; and an acid:amine molar equivalent ratio of 0.
Her view was upheld by a Traffic Penalty Tribunal adjudicator who ruled spy cars should be used sparingly and overtly.
Fergie can afford to use Owen sparingly and, to us, it looks like a match made in heaven.