sparid fish

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[8.] Harmelin JG, Leboulleux V (1995) Microhabitat requirements for settlement of juvenile sparid fishes on Mediterranean rocky shores.
[12.] Macpherson E (1998) Ontogenetic shifts in habitat use and aggregation in juvenile sparid fishes. J.
RemarksIn Pakistan, all sparid fishes are commercially important, including Sparidentex species, and fetch high prices in the lCal fish markets at Karachi.
A similar pattern of niche complementarity involving diet and habitat was found in a study of sparid fishes inhabiting rocky habitats of the Mediterranean coast (Sala & Ballesteros 1997).
Ontogenetic patterns in diet and feeding morphology in sympatric sparid fishes from seagrass meadows.
In the field these factors generally coincide because the dominant sparid fishes in our system (including both Diplodus holbrooki and Lagodon rhomboides) feed heavily on both amphipods (Adams 1976b, Nelson 1979b, Stoner 1980a, Darcy 1985a, b) and red and green algae (Hay 1986, Hay et al.
Sparid fishes are an important component of both artisanal and industrial fisheries in the Omani waters.
Is the timing of spawning in sparid fishes a response to sea temperature regimes?
(1999) suggested that spatial differences in growth of juvenile sparid fishes were a result of water temperature and currents.