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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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Sparging with inert gas or dosing liquid N2 was, in some audits, less effective at controlling HSO than the use of vacuum.
Dupont, Field monitoring and performance evaluation of an in situ air sparging system at a gasolinecontaminated site.
Gold traps were analyzed for Hg(0) on board the ship immediately after sparging.
The most widely used cleanup methods that take advantage of chemical volatility are air stripping, SVE and air sparging.
Air sparging is an in situ (in-place) remedial technology that reduces concentrations of chlorinated solvents adsorbed onto soils and dissolved in groundwater.
The objective of research at Oklahoma State University was to investigate the use of microbubble sparging to improve oxygen transfer and product yield during xanthan gum fermentation.
Aqueous dilutions of these two volatiles were adjusted in sparging bottles to levels previously determined by Bargmann, et al (7) to yield an approximate chemotaxis index with C.
Tests show MAG degassing rate constants nearly identical to traditional compressed air sparging.
Sparging with gaseous nitrogen preserves taste for Italian winery.
The sparging is stopped when the run off concentration has reached a level where transfer to the wart kettle is no longer desirable.
These included soil vapor extraction, air sparging, steam stripping, low-temperature thermal, bioremediation, and electrokinetic remediation.
engineers sank 31 vertical sparging points throughout the plume of contamination at the Long Beach site.
The hydrocarbon contaminant released through a leak can be separated from soil and/or ground water by using air sparging, bioventing or vapor extraction.
Examples of such metal handling are dipping of ladles, stirring, pouring, and even degassing - as bubbles of sparging gas break the surface and momentarily expose unprotected aluminum to the atmosphere.