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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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(7) While sparging, add cysteine hydrochloride to a final concentration of 0.5 g [L.sup.-1].
Hastings and R.A Brown RA, Performance of air sparging systems: a review of case studies.
The concentration of [gamma]-butyrolactone was higher in THF-[C.sub.60] (stock solutions after preparation: ~ 158 ppm in THF-[C.sub.60]; ~ 103 ppm in THF-water); this could have resulted from differences in evaporation of water during preparation (particularly during [N.sub.2] sparging) or, perhaps, the presence of [C.sub.60] enhanced the formation of [gamma]-butyrolactone.
Gold traps were analyzed for Hg(0) on board the ship immediately after sparging. Hg(0) was thermally desorbed from the gold traps at 400[degrees]C and carried to a Tekran[R] Model 2500 cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer (CVAFS) in a stream of UHP argon.
The most widely used cleanup methods that take advantage of chemical volatility are air stripping, SVE and air sparging.
Air sparging is an in situ (in-place) remedial technology that reduces concentrations of chlorinated solvents adsorbed onto soils and dissolved in groundwater.
On the other hand, microbubble sparging is turning out to be an effective alternative for improving the transfer of oxygen in several fermentation studies.
Today, the carbon dioxide sparging method used to lower ph levels in a shallow groundwater table under much of the site has worked very well and has essentially contained the spread of mercury, something that is being monitored closely and often, Morris said.
The drawback with many of many of these approaches is that they do not mimic stirring or sparging action of a bioreactor so producing evenly distributed microcarriers and performing media exchange because of the fast sedimentation rate of microcarriers can be problematic.
Applications include nebulizer gases, curtain gases, source gases, chemical and solvent evaporation, instrument purge and supply, evaporative light scattering detector use and sparging. Parker Hannifin Corp.
Given that innovative source-zone removal technologies have been extensively documented (e.g., NRC 1994, 1997, 1999), this article provides only a brief summary of selected approaches including air sparging, chemical oxidation, thermal treatment, co-solvent flushing, and surfactant-enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR).
Horizontal soil vapor extraction wells along with horizontal wells for ground water extraction, air sparging and air stripping are relatively new when compared to vertical wells.
Horizontal wells can be used for bio-remediation, air sparging, and soil vapor extraction, all in situ methods.
Although flux degassing currently is not as efficient as sparging with gases (Ar, |N.sub.2~ and |Cl.sub.2~) dispersed with rotary impellers, it is often satisfactory and can be used to lower hydrogen contents prior to a final sparging gas treatment.