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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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Canadian Process Technologies (CPT) specialises in the design and supply of flotation systems, air spargers, laboratory and pilot scale testing, commissioning and training.
Wash and rinse reservoirs are internally baffled and spargers are included to improve the self cleaning capabilities of the system.
Spargers, conveyors, pumping systems--a truly religious experience.
The tempered gas will be fed through stainless steel spargers into a high-pressure house service water sidestream.
When oxidation is carried out in a separate vessel, fixed spargers are usually employed.
resulted in a decision to replace all of its existing spargers with CavTube spargers from Eriez's Flotation Division (EFD).
Slamfet and CavTube spargers are designed, engineered and optimized for each coal and mineral processing application.
Porvair s application knowledge is very diverse covering analytical applications such as chromatography column frits, gas diffusers, sensor protectors, flow restrictors and flame arrestors to industrial procedures such as catalyst retention, gas spargers and filters.
Products include biocompatible porous titanium filters, test stand filters, spargers and vent filters used in cell-culture processing, catheter filters to prevent plugging, and precision flow restrictors for gas delivery in life-critical systems.
The company has added used tanks in all sizes to its array of used destemmers, filters, pumps, spargers and the occasional used lab and farming equipment to complete your large or small operation.
Minor modifications were also made to the flocculant spargers and the size of the feed pipe inlet to the feedwell was reduced.