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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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The high-pressure injection pump and inlet liquid sparger system will spray a liquid (hydrocarbon condensate, glycol, compressor oil, mineral oil, methanol, or other liquid as required) directly into gas stream at the inlet nozzle.
Kathy Sparger, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, South Miami Hospital (Baptist Health South Florida), Miami, FL.
In order to evaluate the effect of the microspheres on nucleation, each formulation was subjected to nitrogen being injected through a sparger tube until a maximum gas loading was achieved.
Jerry Sparger, professor and criminal justice department chairman; Dr.
Similarly, employment rates for disabled alumni from four community colleges in the Philadelphia area ranged from 40 percent to 55 percent (Thompson, 1986), while the rate for Memphis State University alumni, who graduated with a minimum of a bachelors degree between 1980 and 1986, was 62 percent (DeLoach, Sparger & Pullen, 1988).
The CPT Slamfet sparger can be removed without draining the separator or shutting down the system.
The air flow, after metering through a calibrated rotameter was allowed to bubble into the liquid through the sparger fitted at the bottom of the column.
We would like to thank Allen Berger, Tom Humphrey, Leo Martinez, Ned Prescott, Jennifer Sparger, and John Weinberg for comments on a previous draft and Kevin Brown, Ross Waldrop, and John Walter for their help with the data.
The tubing has a combined filter and sparger (10 [micro]m pore size) mounted at the bottom of the bottle for de-aeration and particle removal.
GTI has investigated sample collection procedures using a patented iron chloride impregnated sorbent for arsenic, and a sparger method for arsenic and other metals except mercury.
A "breathalyzer" was constructed using a sparger, NCW/SNC balloon and spectrophotometer to demonstrate the forensic applications of chemistry.
The reactor was equipped with a stirring system and an air sparger to control agitation and oxygen availability.
With sparging, the smallest test batch we could heat was 300 gallons because the slurry had to rise high above the sparger for proper heat transfer.
At Bailly, another new feature to be demonstrated is an air rotary sparger, designed to combine the functions of oxidation air distribution and mixing in the absorber (some fixed sparging will also be used to insure complete oxidation).