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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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Stirred, sparged, single-use mini bioreactor technology can provide as accurate a prediction of growth, viability, titre profiles and MAb quality as a benchtop bioreactor with CHO clones.
In summary, stirred, sparged microbiore-actor technology can provide a good method of developing optimal process development for propagating cells on microcarriers in vaccine production.
The seawater within the chamber was monitored with a dissolved oxygen probe (model 550A; Yellow Springs Instrument Company) and sparged with nitrogen gas until the oxygen concentration was less than 0.
8),(9) Evidence for a protective role for albumin against physical damage in airlift or sparged bioreactors has been shown, although the exact mechanism of action is still unclear.
The airlift reactor consists of two concentric tubes with the central tube sparged.
The sparger method uses a modified EPA Method 29 whereby the gas is sparged into a series of peroxide/nitric acid solutions.
Once this conversion occurs, the grains are sparged (rinsed) and the wort (pronounced wert, it means unfermented beer) is collected.
Bioreactors usually are sparged with various gases to maintain optimal life-support conditions for the organism.
Two pilot test plots (A and B) in groundwater located down-gradient from an MTBE source were intermittently sparged with pure oxygen.
Concentrate filter cake is repulped in SX raffinate and sparged with compressed air in a series of mechanically agitated tanks.
The flame, including its ember, should instantly extinguish upon entering the port if the headspace has been adequately sparged.
One was aerated for 15 minutes (major oxidation), the second lot was sparged with nitrogen for 15 minutes and then blanketed with nitrogen gas.