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Synonyms for sparge

the act of sprinkling or splashing water

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agitate by introducing air or compressed gas

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scatter with liquid

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A reactor was charged under air sparge with 100 g of IPDI monomer, 100 g of diluent (n-BuAc or HDDA), 0.04 g of MEHQ and 0.8 g of DBTDL.
The sparge pipe was also noisy and caused vibration, which was a big concern.
Each tube consists of variable slot size and spacing to achieve uniform sparge air distribution from each well under varying and sloping water table conditions.
A lauter tun is the device that holds the mash and allows the sparge to occur.
The acid tin solution is continuously circulated between a holding tank and the plating tank through pvc sparge pipes situated on the bottom of the latter.
Fay, Uni-Cast, are generally differentiated based on two factors: type of sparge gas and the type of gas injecting device.
Using a combination of vacuum, heat and sparge gas, the system rapidly evaporates and gently concentrates extractions down to a precise desired volume.
There is a careful, correct way to measure ingredients, to mash, to sparge, brew, to sanitize, to record information, and, if all the rules are followed, you will have no problems.
If it's 30ppm, then you are probably good." It is important to sparge the bottles with an inert gas--Payette prefers nitrogen--before filling and also to use a vacuum to avoid driving that gas into the wine as the cork is inserted.
The CelliGen BLU features a compact control station providing advanced control, with integrated pumps, color touchscreen interface and options such as multiple thermal mass flow controllers and 4-gas mixing for direct sparge or overlay to enable high cell densities.
compounds in the smear zone and monitor natural attenuation over time at a cost of $275,000 to $500,000 or (2)use a dual phase vacuum extraction process to clean the soil and groundwater as well as using an air sparge technique for cleaning the groundwater and monitor natural attenuation over time for a cost of $750,000 to $1 Million.
Thermowell with pt 100 probe, vorlauf re-enrty point, cip ball, grain inlet, sparge arm, removable screen, manway for spent grains, electric mixer and discharge arms/rakes minimum 40 hl steam jacketed kettle/whirpool with headspace.
If that prickle on your tongue is a drag, sparge with some nitrogen, which will alter the chemical state of the [CO.sub.2], thus invoking Moore's Law and pushing some carbon dioxide out.
DryVap automatically dries and evaporates liquid samples with unattended operation, processing up to six samples independently using DryDisk Separation Membranes and a combination of heat, sparge gas, and vacuum.
The SOS option prevents sparge tube overfilling, further guarding against potential maintenance problems or expensive downtime.