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a cut of pork ribs with much of the meat trimmed off

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When the boys are caught "night swimming", they are informed that their punishment will be four lashes each from their housemaster, Sparerib, who by all accounts "beats like a sadist" (17) (p.
Within the vegetarian menu, 13 appetizers include servings of eight chicken fingers, four chicken nuggets or 10 sparerib strips, all for $3.95, or fantail shrimp for $4.95.There are no quotation marks around the meats named, but there's no confusion about the more explicit Vege Fried Tofu.
Repeat step, adding 2 more briquets and 1 to 2 cups soaked chips; cook until meat at thigh bone of chicken is no longer dark pink (cut to test) and meat pulls easily from sparerib bones, 1 to 1 1/2 hours longer.
Use your own favorite sparerib preparation or try the seasoned, cooked, ready-to-heat spareribs now sold.
Wok with Mom has a limited menu of just 10 dishes including Cha Misua Birthday Noodles, Pork knuckles braised for four hours, Summer Vegetable Lettuce Wrap and Baked Citrus Spareribs, and Lim says she does not apply normal business practices like maximizing all orders and productivity because her mother is already 79 years old and because she values God and her family's wellness.
Cut from high on the hog, next to the backbone, baby backs have tender meat (more so than spareribs), abundant fat, and a convenient shape and size that makes one rack perfect for feeding one or two people.
The name "baby" is because they are shorter than spareribs, and "back" because they are closest to the main backbone.
With beautiful food and location photography "Andaluz" is a unique and extraordinary cookbooks with recipes ranging from Soupy Seafood Rice; Quail in Pomegranate Sauce; Pickled Mussels and Clams; and Coffee Roasted Medjool Dates with Labneh; to Spareribs Baked in Honey; Marinated Iberian Pork with Raisin Couscous; Summer Vegetables with Goat Cheese; and Skirt Steak Macerated in Orange with Spelt and Pickles.
If you're using leftover chorizo don't throw in your leftover Chinese sausage or salt and pepper spareribs.Let your chorizo shine and use some leftover roast turkey or beef instead.
Move on to Steaks, Sausages & Skewers and you'll find recipes for Grilled King Oyster Mushrooms, Cauliflower Cutlets, Vegan Spareribs, Eggplant Steaks, and Spicy Chorizo.
We would also like to thank our caterers, our friends from Chefwix Catering who prepared a spread of Buttered Vegetables, Creamy Pesto Chicken and Indonesian Pork BBQ Spareribs. Cowboy Grill prepared some Pork Sisig, Beef Caldereta Adobo, Chicken Teriyaki, Steamed Veggies and Coffee Jelly for dessert.
Although the Steamed Spareribs with Crystal Noodles were made from mung beans, the noodles were low in carbs.
The lauriat featured Mei-Yuan appetizers; braised sunfish XO sauce; steamed prawn with Chinese herbs; steamed sea bass; Kung-Pao chicken; baking vegetable with cheese; braised gingko with yam; bamboo shoot with spareribs soup; dessert and fresh fruits.
These stories shimmer and shine, casting a Southern spell with Bragg's gorgeous prose, while the myriad of recipes--including Cracklin' Cornbread, Spareribs Stewed in Butter Beans and a dessert called Butter Rolls--are guaranteed to leave readers drooling.
It is more remarkable that the addition of one thoracic vertebra increases a pair of spareribs which are the most valuable part of the pig and sheep carcass in Chinese market.