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We have Nicholls to thank for the spareness with which he is campaigned, as he is given a racing programme designed to preserve him and not expose him to inevitable wounds of attrition that frequent fighters inevitably incur.
With all respect to Archibald MacLeish's classical take on the utility of poetical spareness ("For all the history of grief/An empty doorway and a maple leaf") (681), the epigrammatic snapshot here resonates all the more chillingly surrounded as it is by a huge book in which the author has paid his contextual dues.
Although less known, Giacometti was also a painter, and his monochromatic works, often done in tones of gray and featuring a single human figure, are stripped down of detail and haunting in their spareness. In 1962, he received the prize for sculpture at the Venice Biennale and, in 1965, traveled to New York City for a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art.
Also what's incredibly modern--and even postmodern--about Horton is the spareness of his language.
The distractions of life take people out of themselves, he said, but the spareness and quiet of Cistercian architecture, its emphasis on proportion and the subtle play of light, are meant to do just the opposite, centering people so that they become more interior and discover God within their hearts.
Liu Kanghi's rooms, situated above his store, are described as "large and cool" and their decoration reinforces an impression of spareness and asceticism: "The furniture had been brought from China, but there was nothing of tinsel about it.
Melanie Little adeptly weaves historical information into her tale to fashion a more complete picture of the period, and the poems that make up the story are evocative in their simplicity and spareness. This book is a magnificent achievement, a saga that will utterly immerse readers in this troubled time, and in the quiet desperation of these two boys.
From this direction came a preference for simplicity and spareness (embodied in William Morris' famous dictum that you should have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful), which implied a restraint of consumption, and an aspiration for the 'green city' (or 'City Verdant'--to use Gropius's term in The New Architecture and the Bauhaus translated by Morton Shand), the city permeated by nature.
The spareness of the meal shows Rockwell's determination not to depict overabundance in the picture that was inspired by Franklin Roosevelt's Four Freedoms speech of 1941.
(12) As Flahiff asserts, "It is the spareness of Beckett-whom she was reading and seeing performed at the same time in Paris that she was doing this final work on her novel ...
The limited number of works from any given period lends the show a spareness that keeps it moving and makes it easy to trace his search for new strategies, new ground.
For instance, the authors argue that the Puritan desire for utilitarian spaces constitutes the evolutionary foundation for the contemporary megachurch desire for spatial utilitarianism and ornamental spareness. The differing wellsprings of these preferences are unexamined, however.
Much was made of the stylistic spareness of the so-called dirty realists, but the real parsimony at work was psychological.
Hopper's visual images center on spareness and alienation, loneliness, and exteriors of the urban landscape.
The editing of the volume is good but the overall appearance is drab, featuring a black-and-white spareness. The final pages include some candid photos of the girls presenting their work.