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excess fat around the waistline

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He warned urgent action was needed to determine what causes some people to develop a spare tyre while keeping a healthy overall body weight.
A IT may sound strange but more and more car manufacturers are selling new vehicles without spare tyres to save money.
They had hidden the pills in the spare tyre thinking it's a safe place," Mahdi said.
Her owner has since disposed of the spare tyre to reduce the risk of this happening again.
Customs personnel at the northern Jaber border crossing have seized 5 kilograms of heroin hidden in a spare tyre of a vehicle arriving from a neighboring country.
MOST people have no idea that their spare tyre or muffin top is putting them at increased risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, a poll found today.
Dr Mike Knapton, associate medical director for the British Heart Foundation, said: "That harmless spare tyre around your waist is actually a major health hazard.
CAR makers Toyota are recalling 600,000 Sienna minivans in the US over fears of rusty spare tyre cables snapping.
Furthermore, CO2 emissions over the spare tyre lifecycle -- from raw material procurement to disposal -- could be lowered by approximately 2 millions tonnes of CO2 per year.
The very generous dinner lady Mrs Conway who gave us second helpings - and I've struggled with my spare tyre ever since Mrs, C.
Standard equipment includes ABD and EBD, four airbags, power front windows, a CD/MP3 player, 15-inch steel wheels and a space saver spare tyre.
Residents said most cars had at least two tyres damaged, making it difficult for them to get mobile again as they only had one spare tyre in each car.
WILL you get out of bed Never mind your aching head, Me mother is here for tea Now it's ten past three I know you and her don't agree You could put your sickly face on While knawing on a scone Me mother shouted up the stairs Just leave him there He's the worst for wear He looks dire what a mess He's like that left over turkey Nowt but a skinful and legless Last neat he danced roond the club floor Ee, I couldn't look any more I divvent see what you admire The only thing swingin Was his beer belly spare tyre He's like the Angel of the North Never puts his hands in his pocket For all its worth He couldn't get any worse Mother stop it Just call a truce While your in me hoose I knew I'd get the blame It's always the same Always the way Every Boxing Day.
He said one of his customer's car had recently been damaged when a spare tyre exploded in the boot.