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excess fat around the waistline

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One particular topic of investigation was the relationship between spare tire location and spare tire pressure.
Roll the spare tire next to the vehicle and position it so the holes line up with the studs.
Consumer Reports urges Kia and all automakers, as well as their dealers, to be upfront about the availability of spare tires.
Designed to be attached to a rear-mounted spare tire (such as on a Jeep or FJ), it can be attached to anything from a tree limb to a roof rack.
The metal lift plate that holds the spare tire assembly underneath the truck bed may not have been sufficiently coated with phosphate, causing it to rust and break, Toyota said.
says it&'s recalling more vehicles Eoe1/4" this time, 600,000 Sienna minivans to inspect for rust in a cable that holds the spare tire, UPI reported.
All this is delivered on a Skeeter trailer with spare tire and chrome wheels.
Author Debra Anne Ross Lawrence states that after three months of following her stated 3:00 PM secret, readers will be able to live the lifestyle they've always wanted easily following the novel way of eating that "The 3:00 PM Secret: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams" promotes, making it highly recommended for community library health collections and for anyone who wants to give dropping that spare tire another go.
Step 2: Get the stuff you're gonna need: the spare tire (let's hope you have one of these and that it has air), the jack (thing that lifts the car), a tire iron (crow-bar-looking thing or a shiny cross-shaped thing), an optional pipe (also called a cheater bar--it's for better leverage, but you don't really need this), optional wheel chocks (this is an item that will keep your car from rolling and is also not entirely necessary) and gloves (these will protect your nails).
Most experienced drivers carried two or three spare tire casings, several extra inner tubes, a tire pump and a patch kit.
The part has internal ribs for stiffness so that it can support a 250-lb load and also has a living hinge to allow access to the under-floor spare tire.
I ended up with a fairly new battery (for my old "Mayo-Jack" VW, your 4/28/04 website Picture of the Week) and a nice spare tire.
The Webasto-supplied top comprises 470 components, including a 40-amp electric motor driving a radial piston pump at 160 bar that sits in an acoustic capsule behind the spare tire.
The trailer also comes standard with electric brakes, a built-in toolbox, tie-downs and a spare tire.