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a buoy resembling a vertical log

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This summer, the Police and Border Guard Board is planning to mark the border regime area on the Narva Reservoir with approximately 40 new spar buoys," Helen Neider-Veerme, head of the office for integrated administration of the border at the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, informed.
Similarly to the light buoys, the aim of the spar buoys is to make the border regime area visible to people moving in the bodies of water and thus prevent people accidentally entering the border regime area or trying to illegally cross the border," she said.
Plastics spar buoys are purchased under the conditions set in the contract documents.
The greatest successes to date with surface and mid-water fish aggregation devices have been achieved with either spar buoys constructed of foam-filled PVC pipe or very light and buoyant floats constructed of polyurethane foam.
Surprisingly large anchors (up to about 1,000 kg) have been required in some areas, though railroad car wheels of around half that weight, which appear to be superior to concrete blocks, have been used successfully together with spar buoys off the N.