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Synonyms for spar

Synonyms for spar

any of various nonmetallic minerals (calcite or feldspar) that are light in color and transparent or translucent and cleavable

a stout rounded pole of wood or metal used to support rigging

making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms

furnish with spars

box lightly

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fight verbally

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The launch event of the Naturals section at SPAR Oman's Madinat as Sultan Qaboos branch was attended by Kanan Kapadia, director, SPAR Oman; Sridhar Moosapeta, CEO SPAR Oman; Devendra Kumar Kolapalli, general manager, SPAR Oman; Narges Mirza, owner and founder, Pairidaeza Organic Farm and Rhonda Janke, professor, Sultan Qaboos University.
The access to international SPAR best practice will be combined with local expertise and skills to provide independent retailers with a full package of solutions and tools to enable them to thrive and survive in a very competitive market".
SPAR business model of 'voluntary trading' brings advantages for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers with lower costs of purchasing goods, instore operation expertise, design and back-end management, enabling more efficient distribution, effective marketing and the sharing of best practices and resources to offer customers modern stores, excellent value, range and service.
Steve Adolph, International President of SPAR, commented that, "our new joint venture opportunity in Brazil is our first entry into the important South American market and it will serve as a foundation for further expansion throughout the region.
It is greatly encouraging to see a company like SPAR, which started as a partnership of Dutch retailers and wholesalers more than 80 years ago, now active in India as well as 40 other countries around the world.
Now with Spar I don't fear having to waste my evening," said an enthusiastic resident.
SPAR International is developing SPAR throughout the Middle East in a co-operative venture with Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society (ADCOOPS).
Having won a clutch of awards at some of this year's most prestigious wine competitions, SPAR now wants to celebrate by sharing its success with you, the readers.
Some of the hottest one-design class rigs are currently produced by Southern Spars Cape Town, including Melges 24, Mumm 30s, Farr 40s and the recently successful GP42 rigs and Open 40 rigs.
Fresh from opening its first hypermarket in India, Dutch retail giant Spar International is looking to expand its presence on the subcontinent through franchising agreements with Indian retailers.
SIR - We live next to a Spar shop (We Love Spar, March 1 ) and we do not like Spar.
AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands -- Spar International, a unit of ITM Enterprises, has launched an initiative to spread the Spar brand into such markets as China and India.
You can pick up a FREE can of the super SPAR American Cola.