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Synonyms for spanner

a tool with jaws for gripping and twisting


Synonyms for spanner

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The Spanner is placed blindly without anesthesia, in a procedure similar to the placement of a Foley catheter.
Beaming with joy at receiving the All India Castrol Golden Spanner Ustaad Mechanic Award, Kalka Prasad said, "This day will be etched in my memory for a lifetime.
In a rare display of virtuoso skill, Chimp Spanner blasted through some of his most hard-hitting tracks such as Supererogation and Bad Code bringing each track to a close with thunderous applause from the assembled crowd.
There is even a locking adaptor which allows you to convert the flexible head of the ratchet spanner to take sockets.
He denied turning up with the spanner and being the aggressor.
The Dick Spanner figure who featured in a cult TV show about a robot private detective and (inset) his creator, Gerry Anderson, who needs to find the figure to complete his collection.
I just said I could not believe I'd found a spanner in it.
STAR CAR: The England car with (l to r) Les Cowen, owner of Spanner Man, and painters Dennis Ayres and Alan Johnson Picture by TRACEY O'NEILL
The Army solution was to commission the building of plates of bolted sturdy oak planks to substitute for missing railroad car spanners.
Spanner went on a routine tree-trimming job 14 years ago in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, he wasn't looking for a big tree.
After the Spanner ruling, police cracked down on S/M bars and parties nationwide.
M2 PHARMA-July 1, 2016-SRS Medical's Spanner Prostate Stent Cleared for CE Mark
ONE man was struck on the head with a spanner and another had his foot driven over by a 4x4 outside a Teesside pub, a court heard.