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Synonyms for spank



Synonyms for spank

to hit with a quick, sharp blow of the hand

a quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand

Synonyms for spank

a slap with the flat of the hand

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give a spanking to

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Being harnessed, spanked and walked like a dog by Britney Spears was the best moment of Nicole Richie's life.
After they returned home from church one Sunday morning, the former North Wales teacher took his schoolteacher wife Sarah to their garage to spank her.
Prosecutor Gareth Roberts said that he spanked her four times with the shoe but missed the fifth time.
Were you spanked as a child (or as we say in the South, "whupped") and turned out just fine?
Parents have different ideas about why they spank and what spanking is.
Although the effects of corporal punishment on children is still undergoing rigorous scientific debate, less attention has been devoted to why parents spank their children.
The police women, I spank them on their bottoms in Malacanang if I'm ill-tempered.
After about the 20th spank we all started to laugh because you become quite comfortable with the idea and it becomes about the technical side of things.
In one scene, McGregor, 31, spanks co-star Emily Mortimer on the bum before they have sex.
If I say I don't want to do it, he puts me over his knee and spanks me.
Sometimes he spanks me, but mostly it's me hitting him with wet towels.
A FORMER primary school headteacher spanked his wife with a plimsoll and a spatula to punish her for having an affair.
A recent national survey estimated that ninety-four percent of American parents of four- and five-year-olds spanked their children at least occasionally.
She says she thought all I wanted was to be tied up and spanked, but I want love as well.