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Synonyms for spanking

Synonyms for spanking

the act of slapping on the buttocks

quick and energetic

References in classic literature ?
Declining to inspect the spanking grey, on the plea that he was but poorly acquainted with such matters, and would but imperfectly appreciate his beauties, Mr Garland invited Mr Chuckster to partake of a slight repast in the way of lunch.
And so here's Rugby, sir, at last, and you'll be in plenty of time for dinner at the School-house, as I telled you," said the old guard, pulling his horn out of its case and tootle-tooing away, while the coachman shook up his horses, and carried them along the side of the school close, round Dead-man's corner, past the school-gates, and down the High Street to the Spread Eagle, the wheelers in a spanking trot, and leaders cantering, in a style which would not have disgraced "Cherry Bob," "ramping, stamping, tearing, swearing Billy Harwood," or any other of the old coaching heroes.
They note, for example, that children with behavior problems tend to elicit more spankings from their parents in general.
Spanking children, or corporal punishment, has been an issue of debate for many years.
The kids try to wheedle out of the situation knowing that Jack's case can be a precedent to them being possible recipients of their own spankings in the future.
This week's episode entitled "Crime and Punishment" deals with the child-rearing issue on the policy on whether or not spanking is an acceptable form of punishment for erring children.
The real-time audio interactions revealed that parents were not always calm, as the guidelines recommend, but instead were often angry when they spanked or hit their child; they didn't spank as a last resort; and they gave spankings for minor infractions, not just serious misbehavior.
6 spankings before complying with time-out in one study.
Others accept that spankings are beneficial, and yet still feel badly about imposing any physical pain on their child.
Tremendous social pressure will cause them to postpone spankings until safely in their homes.
Their On the Run (Dance Theater Workship, September 22-October 2, 1994) is a series of wild and crazy female stereotypes with a twist: little sisters who purposely misbehave because their dad's spankings turn them on, or suburban housewives who spend days getting soused, fantasizing themselves as (oafish) fan dancers, then sobering up for their husbands.
While the spankings were painful many Blacks say this form of tough love was necessary to make them straighten up and fly right.
The spankings were not frequent, nor were they brutal, and they never involved paddles, switches, belts, or any other such equipment.