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Synonyms for spanking

Synonyms for spanking

the act of slapping on the buttocks

quick and energetic

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Updating followers on website Twitter on his day in the capital, Fry wrote: "Must say Cardiff is looking spankingly good in the late afternoon sunshine.
VARIOUS Godskitchen Pure Trance Anthems One of the surviving superclubs again takes a foray in to the realms of compilation, this time with a fantastic round-up of spankingly upbeat trance moments.
With the use of ingenuity and a few spankingly fresh ingredients, this dry loaf was miraculously transformed into a luscious edible delight.
Will visited HMP Dodds - a spankingly new and shiny prison, barbed wire, cameras and shiny brick.
Except better, because the bracket is so spankingly brilliant, that our TV is almost a living, breathing thing.