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Synonyms for spanker

a hitter who slaps (usually another person) with an open hand


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a fore-and-aft sail set on the aftermost lower mast (usually the mizzenmast) of a vessel

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We threw George Davis's #4 chartreuse Ice Chenille Spankers at them and they took hard at the end of the swing as the fly turned.
It's both satisfying and unsatisfying that Spanker Johnson is now, conclusively and forever, a figure of ridicule and contempt.
Spankers win Hawaii trips and other prizes, such as iPhones, for their "procrastination skill," measured based on how often your friends open your links and spank them onward.
Geraldine McNulty returned to the Liverpool stage and shone as his wife, the fantastically named Lady Gay Spanker - as deliberately funny in the 19th Century as it is today, it can be supposed, repeated calls for the character raising titters from the audience.
The exhaust leaves from the very top of the hollow mizzen and spanker masts, the highest being 197 feet above the waterline.
In the play, written in 1841 by Dion Boucicault, Ryan plays Adolfus Spanker, husband of Lady Gay Spanker, played by Geraldine McNulty.
As the brilliantly named Harcourt Courtly (Boucicault's playfulness is never more apparent than in his characters" names: Lady Gay Spanker, Richard Dazzle, Cool the valet .
Co-founder Wammo has left the band to deal with family commitments, leaving fellow co-founder Christina Marrs as the last original Spanker.
William was tragically knocked overboard by the towing rope which had been attached to HMS Spanker while taking her to Ilfracombe to be broken up.
He has a horse called Spanker running tonight and you may think it a bit unusual for a Jockey Club member to have a horse called that
My early inspiration lay there I suppose and later I remember thinking how wonderful my mother looked in a scarlet riding habit as Lady Gay Spanker in London Assurance at the Chichester Festival.
JONTY: Great to see Spanker Boy lurking naked nearby whenever the girls take a shower.
Credit too goes to Jonathan Keeble as the quirky, money grabbing lawyer Mark Meddle, Race Davies as Lady Gay Spanker (it is a farce) and Peter Linford as her timid (her would be) husband Adolphus.
All Hollingsworth's horses are named after boats, and Hills said: "He has a horse called Spanker [after HMS Spanker] running tonight and you may think it a bit unusual for a Jockey Club member to have a horse called that.
We are well aware that some adults are aroused by such "correction", whether they are the spanker or the spankee and that many are prepared to pay for the privilege.