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Synonyms for spank



Synonyms for spank

to hit with a quick, sharp blow of the hand

a quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand

Synonyms for spank

a slap with the flat of the hand

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give a spanking to

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IQs of children ages 2 to 4 who were not spanked were 5 points higher four years later than the IQs of those who were spanked.
At age 5 years, 52% of the children were spanked by their mothers and 33% by their fathers.
That figure may seem low, particularly since about half of the US population recalls being spanked in childhood, but nevertheless shows that physical punishment can raise the risk of problems later on, experts said.
The book - the basis for a new Channel 4 documentary - details Spank Daddy's modus operandi, which is to meet women face-to-face to assess their motives for wanting to be spanked, as well as his experiences.
When parents are loving and firm and communicate well with the child," Baumrind noted, "the children are exceptionally competent and well adjusted, whether or not their parents spanked them as preschoolers.
I wonder how many gang members and criminals were spanked and learned the consequences when they were young.
Can you imagine being spanked so hard that you travelled at 201kph?
He says: "Lately I've found I can only get turned on if I think of being spanked or whipped.
Mothers who reportedly used corporal punishment at least once a week believed that it was more likely to result in positive outcomes, including immediate child compliance, better child behavior in the long term, and less maternal guilt than mothers who never spanked or mothers who spanked only occasionally.
A PERVERT Midland drama teacher who spanked and whipped would-be actresses has been jailed for 12 months.
No evidence of abuse was found or signs that these seven children had been spanked with a switch.
Many of us were spanked ourselves, and now have to admit that it wasn't as harmless as we tried to believe.
These University of Texas researchers found that parents who hold that the Bible is inerrant spanked or slapped their toddler or preschooler (aged one to four years) .
In a study of 585 children, tracked from ages 5 to 14, he and his associates find that those regularly exposed to severe assaults-which usually occurred in the context of punishment for misdeeds-develop much higher rates of antisocial behavior than other children, including those spanked without lasting physical harm from time to time.
And approximately half of all parents report that they have not spanked or hit their children in the previous year.