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Synonyms for spank



Synonyms for spank

to hit with a quick, sharp blow of the hand

a quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand

Synonyms for spank

a slap with the flat of the hand

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give a spanking to

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Roberts' series of randomized studies demonstrated causally conclusive evidence that this goal is achieved most effectively by the spank back-up and by the room-isolation back-up, both of which were significantly more effective than the restraint back-up or child-determined-release conditions.
com and Spank the Monkey's tailor-made website www.
You may not spank or hit a child under the age of two because they do not understand why this is being done.
From the survey telephone, parents were asked to give one major reason why they spank their children.
He said he was the kind of person who liked to joke around even with members of his female security staff, whom he playfully spanks in the rear.
The real-time audio interactions revealed that parents were not always calm, as the guidelines recommend, but instead were often angry when they spanked or hit their child; they didn't spank as a last resort; and they gave spankings for minor infractions, not just serious misbehavior.
Whether parents should spank their children when they misbehave is a question that has plagued parents, and the pediatricians who turn to them for advice, for many decades.
What happens is that when you spank a child, it's very punitive.
Evelyn Reilly of the Massachusetts Family Institute said parents, not lawmakers, should decide when to spank.
Last July we revealed how the divorced dad of one told Konni Harvey, 15, he wanted to spank her - as he investigated her dad's murder.
Despite causing controversy when it sprung up at Tyneside stations, the Spank the Monkey artwork is set to stay put.
In Sweden, it has been illegal to spank children since 1979.
for violating the Convention, because Britain allows private schools to spank students and because parents are allowed to chastize their own children in their home.