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Synonyms for spank



Synonyms for spank

to hit with a quick, sharp blow of the hand

a quick, sharp blow, especially with the hand

Synonyms for spank

a slap with the flat of the hand

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give a spanking to

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A babysitter, grandparent, aunt, neighbor or anyone else is not allowed to spank a child unless that child is in the custody or care of the adult and that adult has taken on all the responsibilities of the parent.
From the survey telephone, parents were asked to give one major reason why they spank their children.
Huw Lewis, head of external affairs for Nexus, said: "The response by our passengers to the Spank the Monkey works at Jesmond has been overwhelmingly positive, so we are in no rush to remove them.
One of these projects "was its own lobbying effort to abolish parents' right to spank their children" and to call for a review of Section 43 in light of the Convention.
Please indicate how necessary you feel that it is to spank a child in order to discipline them on a scale of 1-7 where 1 represents, "Not at all necessary" and 7 represents, "Extremely necessary.
Building on the success of Spank the Monkey, Baltic is throwing open the doors of its level-one gallery to showcase the talents of the North East graffiti artists.
These particular Christian educators say they abhor child abuse but, in the same breath, tell parents to start as early as six months, when children first show their own will, and spank as long as it takes to break that stubbornness.
26 ( ANI ): Rihanna has invited Katy Perry to spank her bottom when the friends get together next time.
Results of this national study indicate that the vast majority of parents are choosing not to spank or paddle their kids," says Matthew Davis, M.
If I went on to one of these sites and found someone who was willing to spank me, how much do you think it would cost ?
MY boyfriend's a little kinky and likes to spank me when we have sex.
As his son Dexter indicated in his book, ``Growing Up King,'' ``he didn't spank us .
Spank the Monkey is the first major international exhibition to showcase urban art.
will exhibit its new Spank line of apparel at the Action Sports Retailer show in San Diego, which opens today and runs through Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center.