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Synonyms for spangle

a small sparkling decoration

Synonyms for spangle

adornment consisting of a small piece of shiny material used to decorate clothing

Related Words

glitter as if covered with spangles

decorate with spangles

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Spangles started life in Leamington and expanded to Coventry on the back of its success.
The new venture is being billed as Spangles Tea Room and is specialising in the kind of themed tea party events it was already running at FarGo Village.
The SpangleElite can make eye-catching designs at speeds of up to 900 spangles per minute, increasing productivity and profit.
Brands nominated: Mars Spangles (axed in 1984), Nestle's Toffo (2008), Wall's Funny Feet (1990s), Jacob's Trio (1990s), Nestle's Texan (1981), Rowntree's Cabana (1985), Burton's Fish 'n' Chips (1990s), Coca-Cola's Cresta (2002), Wall's Gino Ginelli (1990s), Coca-Cola's Tab Clear (1990s)
Spangles can be seen dressed in quirky costumes including a pirate, frog, tiger and unicorn.
But for some reason they simply disappeared, although there were Cola Spangles for a time.
COVENTRY'S American diner, Spangles, is about to become even bigger and better as they relocate to a new 160-seater restaurant.
But another kid from Rosyth is now carrying the flag and he boxes for the same Dunfermline club as Spangles.
Spangles Tweeted this morning to say: "We've had to make it Harry Potter month at @Fargo-Village as it sold out on first day.
Spangles sells more than 1,000 items from the USA, anything from candy, sodas and snacks to groceries and shakes.
FARGO Village will stage its Great British BBQ Festival across August 13 and 14, which is being organised by Americanstyle diner Spangles.
Spangles, which opened at Fargo Village in Coventry in January, is set to re-locate to a bigger unit at the Far Gosford Street site to meet demand for their food.
Spangles: A resident of FarGo, Spangles is an American candy store with a cereal cafe and shake bar.
Spangles, at FarGo Village, opens its doors today offering almost every type of cereal imaginable - including several breakfast treats only available in the US.
Beautiful 16-year-old Ellen Spangle, a horsewoman and animal healer of near-mystical proportions, longs to leave the circus and lead a life of the mind, perhaps as a governess.