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an approximately triangular surface area between two adjacent arches and the horizontal plane above them


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Spandrel said the discovery shows island chains or landmasses may be continents far from each other at present, but it does not mean they were positioned that way in the past.
Some of my audience will no doubt be suppressing the urge to shout out something like this: "But the law and economics approach to tort law is no spandrel. It's a Frankenstein's monster!" There is a robust debate within tort law scholarship over the extent, if any, to which tort duties should be understood as serving to minimize the net costs of accidents plus precautions against accidents--as implied by the Hand Formula and law and economics more broadly (39)--or whether it should instead be understood as serving other goals, such as corrective justice, (40) or simply serving as a "law of wrongs." (41) I confess that as a scholar of constitutional law rather than tort law, I do not have a well-informed view about this debate.
Spandrel will be able to solicit property management business from Stribling's high-end brokers, said Ian Levine, Spandrel's president, who is also COO and CFO of RAL.
The exterior will include aluminum window wall systems with energy efficient Low-E glass and spandrel glass.
The stripped rational aesthetic of the buildings has been described by the architect as 'stately', and will incorporate a fine grey Danish brick, punctuated with a regular pattern of large openings with aluminium sliding doors and balconies, or windows with solid spandrel panels beneath.
Second, a spandrel glass line has been incorporated into the company's laminating and insulating capabilities.
Designed for a spandrel (a triangular space between the curve of an arch or two arches).
Peter Handke's new novel envisions a panoramic dreamscape that displays a remarkable sequence of events in the life of an obscure, contentedly self-absorbed pharmacist, who owns a shop in a nondescript town lying in a suburban spandrel near present-day Salzburg.
Now it's time to really warm up your table saw by cutting all the spandrel parts (Photo 7).
The high level of arching has stone spandrel braces infilled with a motif similar to the fifteenth-century parapet of Norwich cathedral's Romanesque tower.
Kohn Pedersen Fox was engaged to clarify 579 Fifth Avenue's classic clean lines and refined proportions that now feature a new, white glass spandrel system, a two-story transparent glass storefront, an expanded all marble entrance lobby and upgraded vertical transportation.
The ancient monument has suffered damage to the stone parapet, spandrel wall and central pier, and has been closed off to traf-fic as emergency repairs will be needed.
Spandrel and glazing, however, are inserted into the stick system as a complete unit.
Floods in November, 2000, swept away about 30 metres of parapets and spandrel walls of the ancient Packhorse Bridge in Caergwrle, Flintshire.