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an elastic synthetic fabric

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The spandex plant will be located on 40 hectares of land in an industrial complex near Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India.
s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1477489306&sr=1-43&nodeID=7141123011&keywords=unisex+spandex) spandex or (https://www.
Maybe I'll wait until eBay is packed with Sports Direct kit being sold cheap by wannabee athletes who have fallen by the wayside and buy myself a neat little figure-hugging outfit in blue Spandex.
Earlier this year, INVISTAs Foshan, China, site received the Environmental Excellence Enterprise award for its outstanding achievements in corporate environmental responsibility and INVISTAs Qingpu, China, spandex site was recognized with the Energy Management Excellence Company award for the second consecutive year.
Recommended fabrics for the Soma Swimsuit are spandex and swimsuit lining only.
I think this law was established because there were too many cases of people with weak hearts having episodes after watching someone wearing spandex.
The spandex fiber market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.
Made of spandex, the bra has a snug fit for low-impact activities and has removable pads.
Brummie comic writer and artist Martin Eden, pictured, has announced he is releasing his superhero series Spandex and The O Men on digital.
Brummie comic writer and artist Martin Eden has announced he is releasing his superhero series Spandex and The O Men on digital.
THE new Superman movie took a record PS80million in its opening weekend in the US, sparking a "battle for spandex domination".
I find it very strange that Spandex picks on Newcastle and, in answer to his question, would the Premier League be worse off without Newcastle?
Today, spandex is produced in US, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.
I'm looking at the cover of the October issue, and David Gonzalez is not in yellow spandex with a white helmet on.
Following parameters of covered yarn such as delivery speed; air pressure of air nozzle and denier of spandex were studied.