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someone who sends unwanted email (often in bulk)

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At The Web Zone, 2.5 million messages a week are sent to invalid addresses alone by spammers who send out millions of messages a day using randomly assigned strings of letters and words in an effort to ferret out valid e-mail addresses.
If too much e-mail seems to be coming from a single, suspicious source, the squelcher basically tightens up the spammer's bandwidth.
Another measure taken by ISPs is to run a blacklist of those identified -rightly or wrongly -as spammers.
Once the compromised email servers have been found, the spammer will route as many emails through them as possible - a process known as 'relay raping'.
When the spammers clean their list before their next bulk emailing, they'll remove your address because they think it's bad.
But my manual filtering was no more than 80 percent accurate at catching spam and it seemed a never-ending battle between the spammers and me to constantly update my keyword filtering algorithms.
So it was not very welcome news to learn that one Zoltan Kovacs, founder of, is now selling software that allows spammers to send pop-up messages directly to computer users' desktops bypassing e-mail altogether.
This may take some practice as spammers can be very good at hiding the actual host name.
Oriez believes that by bombarding the online community with messages, spammers force Internet service providers to accept additional costs -- in turn charging higher rates to cover those costs.
Some spammers use software that allows recipients to send a "remove" message in reply; in theory, this should result in your being removed from the mailing list.
(Many spammers use deceptive Subject: lines.) Unmoderated lists are particularly vulnerable to being spammed.
For instance, a spammer recently managed to change the phone number of insurance companies listings to the same number, which belonged to a major provider.
"If I'm a spammer, I would rather spam from India to India and the rest of world because nothing will happen to me.".
This is where a spammer will use the graphics and letterheads of known companies to encourage readers to click on links or hand over personal information.A recent example of this has been spammers' use of Southwest Airlines' name to tell users that they've won two free airline tickets.
WEB giant AOL is to dig up a garden for gold and platinum bars a net spammer is thought to have buried there.