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The trove of data was pointed out by a security researcher under the name Benkow, who discovered an open and accessible web server used by the "Onliner Spambot.
Spambots are the problem for every website on the Internet and CleanTalk is meant to get rid of such situations.
I'd done something for the Guardian about how much I hated spambots (computer programs which automatically troll web pages and harvest email addresses at which to send unsolicited email) and I suppose they did it to punish me.
The Alta Vista search engine began using it around 1997 or so, claiming it helped prevent spambots from automatically submitting URLs.
There are various counter measures you can deploy to hide you e-mail contact addresses from the spambots, but still leave it visible to humans.
Mushtaq and the FireEye crew had been working to disable the Grum spambot by identifying its command and control (CnC) servers, and then planning a massive takedown attempt.
After analyzing spam, researchers identified four different campaigns for the Cutwail botnet messages that contain Fake AV, SpyEye and the Cutwail spambot itself.
Without the user's knowledge, a spambot hijacks a computer and uses it to relay spam or virus infected e-mail.
The new version features optimized programme code and improved antispam check for better spambot protection.
Millions of the president's followers complained at having received nothing," it said, "We tried to locate the follower 3,000,001 for their views on the subject and discovered it was a porn spambot.
Another news item I ran across was about a creative use of the CAPTCHA utility--those boxes on some websites that require you to retype hard-to-read characters to confirm that you are, in fact, human and not a spambot.