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a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge


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While out working on a job, Senior Airmen Shawn Cox and Allen Banerian and Airman 1st Class Tim Howell got the call to repair a spall the result of an attack.
"We're all just absolutely shocked." Now the Spalls, who say they are too "petrified" to remain on the estate, are staying with friends while the council attempts to rehouse them.
Small spalls, or popouts, typically occur at slab edges where bar ends terminate near the concrete surface or at other localized areas of shallow concrete cover.
This method of repair simultaneously reestablished the alkalinity of the concrete while providing adequate coverage and minimizing the reocurrence of new spalls in the original carbonated concrete.
Alkali aggregate reactivity emerged as the likely culprit causing the spalls because it was present in 9 out of 10 samples tested.
The concrete spalls at the beam end bearing areas and substructures bearing areas
Now the Spalls - too "petrified" to remain, are staying with friends while the council rehouses them.
Based on the Structural Re-Evaluation Report, the overall condition of the structure is poor due to extensive large spalls (up to 2inch deep) with exposed rusted rebars, wide crack and incipient spalls in the original east culvert section rood slab and in the sidewalls.