spaghetti Western

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a low-budget Western movie produced by a European (especially an Italian) film company

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El Spaghetti Western servira como un medio de expresion y critica politica, que a su vez se vera reflejada en las pantallas.
The Spaghetti Western Orchestra, which has played across the world since its 2007 premiere, comes to the Sunderland Empire on Sunday, February 19.
We spent 14 hours a day in the desert getting to look at all the old sets from the spaghetti westerns and props.
BIANCHINI, Frances, La fabbrica dei miti all'italiana: lo spaghetti western, Tesis doctoral, Universite degli Studi di Bologna Universite degli Studi di Bologna
This man, necessarily, is waiting, and this waiting suggests a stretch of time peculiar to both the Spaghetti Western and the novel.
Marco Muller, in his third year as the festival's artistic director, is currently working his way through 1,600 films vying for one of the 55 available screening lots, and is also setting up plans to spotlight a classic genre: the Spaghetti Western.
After watching this 117-minute spaghetti western comedy, the lyrics of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes echoed in my cranium and Henry Fonda's unshaven visage was the only thing that kept popping up there.
Shot in 16-mm Cinemascope, it feels newly exhumed, having the aspect ratio and warm, bleached tinge of a vintage spaghetti western.
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and Sergio Leone's spaghetti Western classics, The Dark Tower series is an epic of Arthurian proportions.
The Fishguard Spaghetti Western Film Festival will also have a fringe that includes a poster art exhibition and musicians interpreting classic Ennio Morricone soundtracks, Organisers Xanadu are best known for the Porthcawl Elvis Festival and Father Ted festival Tedfest held in Ireland.
A spaghetti western with its roots in the wild West Midlands could soon be seen at film festivals across the world.
HE Spaghetti Western Orchestra will return to Wales for the second time in a month this weekend.
WIN a Blu-ray set of three Spaghetti Western movies and two tickets to see the Spaghetti Western Orchestra in Covent r y.
At first you think it's some kind of surreal spaghetti western until her oh-so-innocent sounding vocals turn it into something rather more porcelain.