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the fleshy axis of a spike often surrounded by a spathe

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The new species is characterized by its hemiepiphytic habit, long-petiolate, subterete sulcate gray-green-drying petioles, narrowly ovate-triangularsagittate narrowly acuminate blades with the anterior lobe broadly concave along the margins, a spatulate sinus, 3(4) pairs of basal veins with none of the basal veins free to the base, the 1st pair of basal veins broadly spreading, then directed upward along the margin and regularly very remote from the margins, 10-13 pairs of primary lateral veins, and these scarcely distinct from the interprimary veins, as well as by long-pedunculate inflorescence with a green erect-spreading spathe which is shorter than the spadix, and a moderately short weakly tapered essentially sessile green spadix with large flowers.
Key words: Arisaema triphyllum, Jack-in-the-pulpit, spadix, osmophore, aroid, Araceae, Collembola, springtail.
These registered companies are M/s Spadix Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd, M/s Pak Tea Company (Pvt) Ltd and M/s Spadix Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd of Spadix Group.
The central spike or spadix ripens into the fruit that gives the plant its name: grotesque, hazardous (if not fully ripe, it contains toxic, needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate), and utterly delicious.
The plant grows from a walnut-sized tuber with soft, fleshy stems that support bright green, heart-shaped leaves surrounding the bizarre looking green/purple cowl, which is a pulpit-shaped spathe that has a tongue-like spadix.
Say) LT 3 Coleoptera miscellus Quate DI 1 Coleoptera morosus Candeze BT 1 Coleoptera spadix (Erichson) LT 1 Coleoptera species 1 BT, FG, LT, SW 46 Coleoptera infuscatus (Germar) LT 3 Coleoptera fascicularis (Fab.
Female spadix forms a good brush for white washing.
There may be a daisy head or an aroid flower with round spadix off the left border, two kidneys and a heart in sprays at left and lower borders, and round flowers in the lower border spray, but all of these could just as easily be curled leaves.
They hold a story-book charm and I can just imagine fairies at play, swinging in and out from its spadix.
Morphogenesis and plant regeneration from spadix fragments of Anthurium scherzerianum cultivated in vitro.
Two large leaves each have three leaflets, and the flap, or spathe, hangs down over "Jack," the club-shaped spadix.
Categoria CO2a, se encuentran 9 especies casi endemicas a Colombia (Stiles 1998): Pionopsitta pyrilia, Chlorostilbon gibsoni, Amazilia cyanifrons, Thamnophilus multistriatus, Thryothorus spadix, Heterospingus xanthopygius, Tangara vitriolina, Basileuterus cinereicollis y Vireolanius eximius.
Long-lasting white spathes, rounded with a pointed tip, open to reveal a white flower spike or spadix.
Toward the front of such a planting, you might choose the smaller black calla (Calla palaestinum), quite similar to the more familiar white calla except for its dark purple spathe and spadix.