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the fleshy axis of a spike often surrounded by a spathe

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Inflorescence commercial harvest point (1/2 to 3/4 of open flowers on the spadix) were evaluated every week.
The new species is characterized by its hemiepiphytic habit, long-petiolate, subterete sulcate gray-green-drying petioles, narrowly ovate-triangularsagittate narrowly acuminate blades with the anterior lobe broadly concave along the margins, a spatulate sinus, 3(4) pairs of basal veins with none of the basal veins free to the base, the 1st pair of basal veins broadly spreading, then directed upward along the margin and regularly very remote from the margins, 10-13 pairs of primary lateral veins, and these scarcely distinct from the interprimary veins, as well as by long-pedunculate inflorescence with a green erect-spreading spathe which is shorter than the spadix, and a moderately short weakly tapered essentially sessile green spadix with large flowers.
Aroids are perennial herbs characterized by inflorescences consisting of a finger-like spadix surrounded by a vase-like spathe.
Due to the efforts of Investigation Team, following recoveries have been made so far, Rs 446,610,979 in the shape of cash, two residential houses situated at Islamabad, two medicine industries namely Spadix pharmaceuticals & Goodman laboratories situated at Rawat, Rawalpindi, a residential plot measuring 16 Kanals situated at Gujranwala 4 costly vehicles have been recovered from one Mian Moin Aslam, who received cash and vehicles from family of Mufti for his release.
An infrared camera captured time-sequence thermal imagery of the flower as her spadix, the tall core spike housing both female and male flowers, heated up to nearly human body temperature.
There were 21 plant parts used by local healers for treating any diseases including leaves, root, rhizome, corm, seed, climbing stem, whole plant, peel, stamen, heartwood, calyx, resin of seed, petiole, bark, resin, pulp, spadix. Mostly used part was leaves (39 types), whole plant (32 types) and fruit (28 types).
The flowers are borne on a type of inflorescence called a spadix. This family of 107 genera and over 3700 species is the most diverse in the New World tropics, although it thrives elsewhere as well.
These registered companies are M/s Spadix Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd, M/s Pak Tea Company (Pvt) Ltd and M/s Spadix Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd of Spadix Group.
The central spike or spadix ripens into the fruit that gives the plant its name: grotesque, hazardous (if not fully ripe, it contains toxic, needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate), and utterly delicious.
Female spadix forms a good brush for white washing.
There may be a daisy head or an aroid flower with round spadix off the left border, two kidneys and a heart in sprays at left and lower borders, and round flowers in the lower border spray, but all of these could just as easily be curled leaves.
They hold a story-book charm and I can just imagine fairies at play, swinging in and out from its spadix.
Morphogenesis and plant regeneration from spadix fragments of Anthurium scherzerianum cultivated in vitro.
The individual plants have petioled, coriacious, variously ovate leaves and produce peduncled inflorescences, consisting of a spathe and a spadix. Typically, the spathe is persistent, lanceolate, and colored.
Two large leaves each have three leaflets, and the flap, or spathe, hangs down over "Jack," the club-shaped spadix.