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Synonyms for spade

to break, turn over, or remove (earth or sand, for example) with or as if with a tool

Synonyms for spade

a playing card in the major suit that has one or more black figures on it

a sturdy hand shovel that can be pushed into the earth with the foot

(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

dig (up) with a spade

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The go-kart-like feel and nippy-around-town qualities that you expected were there in spadefuls.
These inland waterways were also called "cuts" or "navigations" - and the lads who shovelled out millions of spadefuls of earth by hand were known as navvies.
And you just know that when she was in her teens, embarking on a career as a punk singer, that she had it in spadefuls.
A little hesitant at some of his fences, Gunther McBride needed plenty of assistance and he got it in spadefuls before running out a 20-length winner from Lord Of The River, the only other horse in the six-strong field to complete without mishap.
At Casualty Clearing Stations and military hospitals, "boys" arrived straight from the trenches, "drenched and soaked with clayey mud in spadefuls, and clammy with cold" (Anon.
Short removes two spadefuls of sand and black, viscous oil slowly begins to fill the new pit.
Because the dirt I like comes in spadefuls, in the back garden of my home, and messing about in it is about as close as a man gets to nature in Birmingham.
soft spring earth, tossing heavy spadefuls of it back under nearby
McLeish is getting that in spadefuls from Amo and what the Italian receives in return is an injection of in-depth knowledge and experience stashed away by one of the best British centre-halves in the last 25 years.
According to a rumour widespread in France, Trappist monks greet each other daily with the words: Frere, il faut mourir, and a mythical agendum in the duties of a monk is the digging of his own tomb, a few spadefuls a day.
The supporters are a tremendously loyal and passionate band of followers who love a weekend away and if local businesses are seen to support Magic, they will get returns in spadefuls.
But the secret of success, as demonstrated here in spadefuls, is keeping up the frantic pace.
For example, turning up and shattering spadefuls of soil in fall destroys colonies of many beneficial fungi, and they won't have time to recover before cold winter weather ends their season of active growth.