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the quantity a shovel can hold

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Mix in a 1-inch layer of mature compost and, if you have it, a spadeful of soil from a bed where the same species of beans or peas grew the year before (to help inoculate the soil with nitrogen-fixing bacteria).
It is a "dirge consisting of 23 poems" that mourns the end of a storied creative career, and turns a spadeful of earth on Lu Xun's literary production.
ON JULY 4, 1828, 90-YEAR-OLD CHARLES Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, turned the first spadeful of earth in the construction of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
and IES past president/Fellow Emeritus, was on hand to turn the first spadeful of earth.
STANDARDIZATION for electric vehicles and, crucially, the batteries that power them has taken a key step forward with the official topping out ceremony [NOTE: US STYLE MIGHT USE 'GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY'--IT'S THE CEREMONY WHERE SOMEONE TURNS THE FIRST SPADEFUL AT THE VERY START OF CONSTRUCTION.] on April 27 this year of Nissan Motor Co Ltd's new lithium-ion battery production venture at its manufacturing site in Sunderland, northern England.
The idea for the Great Baikal Trail (GBT) had existed for over three decades, explains project leader Andrei Suknyov, but in a country with no major trail networks, no recent history of massive-scale volunteer projects, and little government or private sponsorship of such public works, it took until 2003 for the first spadeful of dirt to be moved.
If the ground is heavy, mix in a generous spadeful of horticultural grit first.
Only in Southwest Florida could a beachside condo be such an appealing commodity that 26 condominiums averaging $1 million get snapped up before a spadeful of dirt is moved.
Today, engineers involved in large-scale projects frequently consult computer-generated models of the landscape long before a single spadeful of earth has been turned.
It was Adams' hope, as he ceremonially shoveled the first spadeful of dirt for the proposed Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, that the canal would become the greatest economic vehicle in the nation, far grander than the Erie Canal.
Back in 1921, when the nation was searching for the proper way to remember those who died in World War 1, First Lady Florence Harding took a shovel and threw the first spadeful of dirt for a memorial tree planting at AMERICAN FORESTS' headquarters at the time on 16th Street NW in Washington, DC.
Earthworms 0 Little worm activity, occasional worms found 2 Few worm holes or castings (2-10 per spadeful) 4 Abundant worms, wormholes and castings (10 or more per spadeful) 13.
We're 13 years down the track and not a spadeful of earth has been turned,' PA News reported.
He never knew the Vietnamese, 'but the earth, you could turn a spadeful of it, see its dryness and the tint of red, and dig out enough of it so as to lie in the hole at night, and that much of Vietnam you would know' (p.
However, nary a spadeful of dirt has turned in connection with the would-be deal.