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Synonyms for spade-shaped

shaped in the form of a spade


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The spade-shaped grip safety created by Jim Hoag, and the duckbill style that followed it, were a Godsend for comfort, and the duckbill's upswept tang helped guide the reaching hand into grasping position for a faster, surer draw under stress.
One should eat only the roots from first-year burdock plants, which look like rhubarb with large spade-shaped leaves.
Funerary objects unearthed totalled over 260 pieces, including spade-shaped coins, bronze belt hooks, brass bells, tripods, clay workshops, jars, pots, cups and bowls, reports People's Daily Online.
With his snowy, spade-shaped beard and threadbare scarecrow's duds, pic's main man Jorgen Lauersen Vig looks like a character from some blackly comic or angst-ridden 19th-century Scandinavian novel come to life.
Its talons reach toward her head just as the orc's spade-shaped tail lunges toward her feet.
Spade-shaped leaves are the most common form; they can be broad like 'Florida Sun Jade' or fairly narrow like 'The Line'.
Kai became interested in carving just out of high school after observing his uncle carve a wooden spade-shaped paddle that included sharks teeth.
They existed in two different types: one has a flat spade-shaped body, with notches or slits on its sides, the other is round and vase-shaped.
Paddlefish, for example, use their spade-shaped snouts to stir up food from muddy river bottoms.