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a thin bit with a center point and cutting edges on either side

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Finally, drill the ear, eye and nostril holes with wood spade bits to the diameters shown, about 3/4" deep.
A tapered triangular file works well for many sizes of spade bit.
Tools and materials : Chop saw, 18v drill driver, hammer 22mm spade bit 3mm counter sink drill bit Tape measure & pencil Hand rails, spindles and newel post kit (will include spacers) Glue, panel pins, 60mm screws PREP: Start by removing the old spindles.
You will also need a drill, and a few drilling tools like a spade bit and a whole saw, and a jigsaw.
If you want a recessed hole for the washer and nut of the all thread use a 1" spade bit to bore 3/4" into the side of the 2x4 rim piece.
She used an aptly named 1 1/2-inch spade bit to plant 200 tulip bulbs (see photographs at left and above).
long spade bit or extend a standard-length spade bit with a magnetic bit holder (Photo 2).
You can use it with a spade bit or any other 1/4-in, hex-based accessory.
To countersink the lag heads, use the 3/4" spade bit drilled 1/4" deep.
Photo: Drilling with 1 1/4-inch spade bit and 1/4-inch drill requires steady pressure.
This hole should be 3/4" in diameter, and can be easily drilled with a 3/4" spade bit.
Forstner drill bit or a sharp spade bit to punch out the ends of the slots, and then finish cutting them out with a jigsaw.
hole in the back with a spade bit for the power strip plug (keep the hole away from the corners to avoid hitting nails).