spade bit

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a thin bit with a center point and cutting edges on either side

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Tools & Materials * 8-foot-long, 3x4 landscape timbers (3) * 1-foot-long, 3/4-inch coarse threaded rod (1) * 3/4-inch coarse thread hex nuts (2) * 3/4-inch flat washers (2) * 1/4-inch wood thread screw hooks (3) * 10-foot-long light metal chain * 1-inch-wide, 2-foot eye-to-eye nylon lifting sling * 2,000-pound capacity chain fall hoist * Scrap plywood (optional) * Safety glasses * Work gloves * Sawhorses * Circular saw * Power drill (cordless or electric) * 3/16-inch twist drill bit * 1 1/8-inch spade bit * Tape measure
Finally, drill the ear, eye and nostril holes with wood spade bits to the diameters shown, about 3/4" deep.
A tapered triangular file works well for many sizes of spade bit.
To fit the newel post (the main post located at the top and bottom of the stairs) use an 18v drill with a 22mm spade bit to create a circular hole in the bottom of both the post and the base corner.
You will also need a drill, and a few drilling tools like a spade bit and a whole saw, and a jigsaw.
If you want a recessed hole for the washer and nut of the all thread use a 1" spade bit to bore 3/4" into the side of the 2x4 rim piece.
She used an aptly named 1 1/2-inch spade bit to plant 200 tulip bulbs (see photographs at left and above).
Using a power drill and a 1-inch spade bit, drill holes in the bottom surface.
x 12-in.-long spade bit or extend a standard-length spade bit with a magnetic bit holder (Photo 2).
You can use it with a spade bit or any other 1/4-in, hex-based accessory.
To countersink the lag heads, use the 3/4" spade bit drilled 1/4" deep.
Photo: Drilling with 1 1/4-inch spade bit and 1/4-inch drill requires steady pressure.
spade bit. Place your fresh-picked veggies in the bucket and hose them off before you bring them inside.