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Synonyms for spacy

stupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug

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From there, Radiohead deploys a variety of arrangements, hauling out folksy strings and acoustic guitars, piano ballads, and spacier mashed-up stuff.
Complex guitar riffs played at breakneck speed have made way for a looser, spacier approach, while the lyrics tackle a wider array of subject matter.
City Beat says the music "is an amalgam of the spacier side of early '90s English shoe-gaze (Ride, Swerve- driver) and the aggressive side of late-'60s California psychedelia (Spirit, Jefferson Airplane).
Some others in the capable cast, notably Joanne Whalley as a crass divorcee and Valerie Perrine as Zoe's even spacier morn, are amusing enough to have deserved more screen time.