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Synonyms for spacy

stupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug

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From there, Radiohead deploys a variety of arrangements, hauling out folksy strings and acoustic guitars, piano ballads, and spacier mashed-up stuff.
Complex guitar riffs played at breakneck speed have made way for a looser, spacier approach, while the lyrics tackle a wider array of subject matter.
City Beat says the music "is an amalgam of the spacier side of early '90s English shoe-gaze (Ride, Swerve- driver) and the aggressive side of late-'60s California psychedelia (Spirit, Jefferson Airplane).'
Some others in the capable cast, notably Joanne Whalley as a crass divorcee and Valerie Perrine as Zoe's even spacier morn, are amusing enough to have deserved more screen time.
They kept the crowd moving with tunes like Olio and also displayed a spacier side.