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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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This theory looks at the tension caused between various social classes and views gentrification as a "spacialized revenge" against the poor and minorities that 'stole' the inner city from the respectable classes (Smith 1996).
It locates us across "spacialized discourses," physically or geographically, in particular bodies, buildings, neighbourhoods, communities, regions, nations and the world as a whole; it also locates us in particular cultural spaces with important and sometimes problematic cultural boundaries.
This essential feature derives from the notion that the aural distinguishes itself from the visual through its position as temporal medium, as opposed to the visual, which is restricted to a spacialized existence.
One of the most novel features is the remote mine at Key Lake which is characterized by "radically spacialized industrial relations" as workers shuffled in and out on two crews who work twelve-hours shifts for a week at a time.