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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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I would like to experiment with their framework by looking at the significance of food in a number of Canadian literary texts across these spacialized scaled discourses.
This essential feature derives from the notion that the aural distinguishes itself from the visual through its position as temporal medium, as opposed to the visual, which is restricted to a spacialized existence.
One of the most novel features is the remote mine at Key Lake which is characterized by "radically spacialized industrial relations" as workers shuffled in and out on two crews who work twelve-hours shifts for a week at a time.
134) The materiality of land gave the abstract notion of limited government a spacialized and concrete symbol.
Professor De Luca identifies the Burkean in Blake's sublime as 'bardic', the anti-Burkean as 'iconic'--an opposition between language which bears marks of the speaking voice implicated in temporality, and language as writing, fixed and spacialized.