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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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And the rhythm that the spacialization of the drama builds is replaced with another plot-driven rhythm (for example, by giving more importance to the woman's outing to go begging and the preparation of her love affair).
By drawing attention to the spacialization and directionality of sexuality and the importance of desire's movements in shaping space and bodily interaction, Ahmed proceeds to question the grounding of heteronormative economies of desire.
The following aspects were highlighted: Conceptualization and contextualizacion, soil sampling, data processing, data spacialization of the information, identification of susceptible areas to risk erosion with higher capacity of water storage, management norms and socialization of the investigation.
1995 'The spacialization of politics: Local and national actor spaces in environmental conflict' Transactions of the British Institute of Geographers 20(3), 368-380
In general, we might note, on the part of the utopia proper, a vocation for total visibility, total spacialization, which is frustrated at certain key moments by an obscurity analogous to the uncertain gleams of the Alhambra dream.