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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space


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Spacial awareness at drive–thrus should be one, knowing just how close you can get to the till then delivery window without overstretching or spilling your juice is a real skill.
The two-day charette will hear inputs from experts and other stakeholders making this undertaking a unique one in comparison to the manner in which other countries take on maritime spacial planning, the official revealed.
Fahd bin Abdulrahman Balghunaim, the Minister of Agriculture, met here today with visiting Minister of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spacial Planning of Portugal Dr.
Their use of material and spacial design is classic yet dramatic, and the layered quality they each bring to a room is breathtaking.
But, had the laser caught anyone's eye, albeit briefly, it can lead to blindness for at least ten minutes and a loss of spacial awareness.
Home owners will be able to locate available homes and lots through the proprietary augmented reality geo spacial and map system on their smartphones.
Depending upon your spacial requirements, they will also prepare a feasibility report.
To our best knowledge, multipaction of spacial coaxial resonator structures has not been reported so far.
The talk, "Snake Spacial Ecology: Application for Conservation of the Pine Snake in New Jersey" is part of Mercer's Fall Distinguished Lecture Series held at the West Windsor campus.
Two spacial disorientation accidents involved IFR with known inoperative flight instruments.
org/drift), which aims to further encourage new modes of urban exploration and spacial experience by randondy assembling lists of psychogeographic instructions, such as, "Find the smallest space around you," or, "Head north until the light changes.
His dearth of spacial awareness and complete absence of patience made even the most rudimentary jobs an epic, expletive drenched affair.
Eric Grove's Catesby Property Group wasn't happy when the Government scrapped regional spacial strategies.
Mustapha Masmoudi, President of the Tunisian Communication and Spacial Sciences Association (ATUCOM), to co-chair the African Regional Group which is to take part in the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 3-7, 2011.
The hippocampus is an area widely accepted to play an important role in memory function as well as spacial navigation.