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Synonyms for spacey

stupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug

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Spacey Street artist Akse, whose impressive images are known throughout the city, used Thurman's image to replace that of Spacey, who said he would seek 'treatment' after dozens of allegations of inappropriate behaviour were made against him.
Kinnaman even hinted that Spacey made a move on him, but he quickly changed the topic before he could divulge anything.
The foundation, who helped to identify and encourage emerging artists and give them training and resources in order to thrive in the acting industry, were set up by Spacey in 2011.
This comes after several months of shutdown in filming the show's sixth and final season, after Spacey was sacked from the show.
Star Spacey was accused of sexually abusing staff and being racist to security workers.
The veteran actor was drafted in to replace Spacey as billionaire J Paul Getty in the film after the House Of Cards star was accused of sexual misconduct.
Netflix last month stopped filming "House of Cards" after sexual harassment and assault allegations were leveled against Spacey.
A], November 30 ( ANI ): Hollywood veteran Ridley Scott has finally broken his silence about his decision to re-shoot the entirety of his new movie 'All the Money In the World', replacing the disgraced Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in the lead role.
Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos alleged two weeks ago that Spacey had behaved inappropriately towards him when both were working at the Old Vic.
Spacey, 58 - who wore a baseball cap to arrive incognito - shunned VIP treatment at London's better-known venues to escape the gaze of camera-wielding fans and celebrity photographers.
SCREEN superstar Kevin Spacey has been suspended from the political thriller House of Cards following sexual harassment and assault allegations.
NETFLIX has reportedly confirmed it will no longer work with Kevin Spacey as allegations against the House of Cards star mount.
Actor Harry Dreyfuss, son of actor Richard Dreyfuss, has alleged that Kevin Spacey groped him when he was 18.
CLAIMS that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted a young actor in his London flat are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police.