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towards outer space


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In 2009, I joined a team of NASA scientists on a program called Spaceward Bound.
"Spaceward Bound is an outstanding Nasa education program that brings together Nasa scientists and science teachers," said Pete S.
Each year Nasa Ames Research Center's Spaceward Bound scientific team selects one desert internationally and for 2011 the Arab Youth Venture Foundation (AYVF) and Nasa are collaborating to conduct this research in Abu Dhabi.
In the next stage, robotic climbers would ascend the ribbon, epoxying additional carbon-nanotube ribbons to the mother line as the robots shimmy spaceward. The devices would be powered by an Earth-based laser shining on photocells attached to their limbs.
Even so, it cost $50,000 to create (Boeing provided a grant), took three years to design, and needed the Department of Defense Space Test Program to send it spaceward.
Almost one year to the day after Sputnik 1 soared spaceward, a hastily created National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began scripting America's civilian agenda in space.
Japan's first Mars-bound spacecraft, Nozomi (meaning "hope"), was hurled spaceward last July 3rd.
Clarke were cited by Apollo-era techies as having guided their careers spaceward. William Gibson (Neuromancer), Bruce Sterling (Distraction), and Neal Stephenson (SnowCrash) exert the same hold over the builders of the Web.
military on Friday, roaring spaceward atop the world's most powerful rocket in use.
An international component of Mark Gargano's research involves data collection from teachers who have participated in one of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Spaceward Bound expeditions.
<div class="imageLeft" style="width: 164px;"><img id="73744" class="imgPhoto" title="Laser-powered space elevator" src="" alt="A conceptual image of Laser-powered space elevator (Courtesy:" width="164" /> <div class="caption">A conceptual image of Laser-powered space elevator (Courtesy:</div> </div>
In the stratosphere sunlight breaks the methane down, reacting with oxygen to form water and other compounds that continue to diffuse spaceward. The water itself is further decomposed, but enough reaches the crest of the mesosphere to form ice clouds by depositing onto tiny meteoric particles and, under very cold conditions, hydroxyl ions.
Ted Semon, a volunteer with the Spaceward Foundation, a non-profit that organised the competition, , said that the feat shows space elevators are one step closer to getting off the ground.
NASA has backed the 2 million dollars competition, run by the non-profit Spaceward Foundation, since 2004.