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move in space outside a space craft

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The trouble cropped up after the astronauts including Britain's 1st spacewalker successfully restored full power to the space station.
Midway through the spacewalk, the spacewalkers were still dry.
The astronauts inside kept urging the spacewalkers to take a break, but they insisted they were not too tired.
Spacewalkers Bob Behnken and Nick Patrick got an early look out the seven-windowed cupola they helped install on the International Space Station (ISS) early Feb.
In the 107 paintings collected here, he colorfully shares his view of the moon, of Earth from space, and of himself and fellow spacewalkers.
The repair mission last May had four spacewalkers, working in two-man teams, carry out five back-to-back spacewalks to install six new stabilizing gyroscopes, six new nickel-hydrogen battery packs, a replacement data computer and two new instruments, the $132 million Wide Field Camera 3 and the $88 million Cosmic Origins Spectrograph.
In teams of two, Atlantis' four spacewalkers tackled a long list of repairs and upgrades to keep Hubble at the edge of research for the next five-to-10 years.
After station robotic arm drivers John Phillips and Koichi Wakata guided the truss segment into position, spacewalkers Steve Swanson and Richard Arnold connected bolts to attach the component, NASA said.
Controllers are considering having the two spacewalkers share astronaut Stephen Bowen's pair of grease guns for the three remaining spacewalks today, Saturday and Monday.
Government) and spacewalkers have to understand that, to Americans, expletives are not just funny, but hysterical.
The fluid lines - for carrying ammonia, a coolant - were in a 300lb tray, which the spacewalkers removed from its storage location on the space station, then lugged over to Harmony.
They will decide today whether to send spacewalkers out to fix the gouge.
And would-be spacewalkers could be confined to their quarters.
After a slight delay to bring back online the control moment gyros that manage the attitude of the station, spacewalkers Reilly and Olivas completed a demanding work schedule on June 11.
Once the work was complete, Thomas requested the spacewalkers return to the shuttle and cut short the expected seven-hour orbital outing.