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a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer space

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Orion will be equipped with a toilet, but the new spacesuit is being designed to help astronauts survive in case of emergencies for up to six days -- meaning they would have to be able to do things like eat, urinate and defecate without taking them off, the report said.
Marmul: The setting sun gives the dry Martian surface the two astronauts are gingerly walking on in their spacesuits an even redder tinge.
Raining's father works at the Twentieth Century History Museum and the spacesuit of a famous real-life female astronaut, Sally Ride, has just been stolen from its vaults.
Donning their spacesuits and safety equipment will take hours before they enter the airlock to reduce the pressure until it is safe to open the exterior hatch.
They will share their personal stories that cover the full EVA experience - from spacesuit manufacturing to spacewalk manoeuvring all brought to life through historical and HD footage.
OUT OF THIS WORLD: Sandra Bullock's spacesuit, left, from the movie Gravity, which was on show in Liverpool
It's transporting 21/2 tons of goods, including a new spacesuit, spacesuit replacement parts, much-needed food, legs for NASA's humanoid, Robonaut, a bevy of mating flies, and germs gathered from sports arenas and historic sites across the U.
The astronauts had been due to replace it during a spacewalk on Monday, but that was postponed after a fault was detected in Mastracchio's spacesuit following Saturday's walk.
Sandra Bullock's character strips off her spacesuit to reveal shorts and a sports bra, for instance, without the liquid cooling and ventilation garment that astronauts wear on spacewalks.
Head of Aerospace Research Institute (ARI) of Iran Mohammad Ebrahimi told Mehr News that Iran has plans to send human to outer space, and that technology for spacesuit production is hi-tech, attainment of which is very expensive and needs high knowledge as well.
Clark told reporters Monday he expects Baumgartner's pressurized spacesuit to protect him.
It was imperative to find a never-before-seen look and Ridley was especially keen to avoid the obvious puffy NASA spacesuit look.
The work provides contextual analysis as to how the spacesuit is used within each example and its meaning within the story as well as the design and visual elements incorporated.
SPACESUIT Mars explorers would need a spacesuit to protect them from dangerous radiation, subzero temperatures, and a lack of oxygen.
Dressed in a Tron-esque spacesuit, Ozzy attempts several takes of the ad, each time the phone upgraded from 4G to 5G.