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a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere

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Chapter one identifies how the lone cowboy protagonist thriving in mid-1950s television became a model image for spacefarers.
Though it repeated the goals and priorities of its predecessor, the 2010 draft unambiguously confirmed that debris "constitutes" a major danger, adding language recognizing "the need for greater transparency and better information exchange" and a coherent, security-oriented code of "best practices" to be adopted by all spacefarers for "all types of outer space activities.
Given the obvious danger the growing amount of orbital space debris poses to all spacefarers and satellites, the United States should propose (alone or with China) a ban on kinetic (debris-producing) ASAT weapons tests above 300 kilometers, or on any activity that would increase the amount of debris orbiting the earth.
Aliens and spacefarers from film, TV and popular culture from the Clangers to Klingons are dealt with in the opening zone of this exciting and thought-provoking show.
With a life filled with such pain and loss, Marcus's desire not to revisit his tragic, violent Mississippi past makes sense, as does his desire to create a new self in the language of superheroes and spacefarers, figures ostensibly unencumbered by the back-breaking burden of history.
Making matters worse for our putative spacefarers, recent circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the system contains a second monster star, itself with 30 to 60 solar masses.
Harrison also considers how to equip spacefarers to deal with everyday health problems as well as with the accidental injuries and medical conditions associated with space.
Jill, who was Jodie Foster's role model for the film Contact, is president of the American Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute which also watches out for evidence of spacefarers.
It is likely, they suggest, that complex life-forms either evolve readily on planets or arrive as colonizing spacefarers from distant worlds.
These are vital issues that will determine whether humans can become spacefarers or not in the foreseeable future.
Unlike the Iberian explorers of the late fifteenth century, who were inspired by desires to link up with the powerful Christian communities they believed lived in Africa and India and to control the lucrative spice trade, would-be spacefarers could only speculate on what lay out there.
Eight chicken eggs fertilized two days before a five-day orbital trip aboard the space shuttle Discovery afterwards failed to hatch, while eight eggs fertilized nine days before the same trip hatched and developed normally, leaving researchers initially baffled about the reason for the difference and wondering what it might imply for future human spacefarers such as those living aboard a space station (135: 213).
There is far more about the politics of NASA's Astronaut Office and anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, both of which impacted which spacefarers flew, and in what order, than there is about the role of the Space Race in the Cold War or the development of space hardware.
We enjoyed showing these spacefarers where we were sending them," Stuhlinger recalls with a smile.
Spacefarers must deal with cosmic, solar, and human-made radiation, and shielding to protect the crew adds weight that limits the capabilities of their spacecraft.