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a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere

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This book holds spacefarers as symbolic of the collective dreams, hopes, fears, insecurities, and tensions of their respective nations and peoples in recent history.
To those spacefarers, it would be a message in a bottle sent a long, long time ago from a galaxy far, far away.
130) Given that spacefarers such as the United States, Russia, and China would be highly unlikely to employ indiscriminate kinetic weapons because of the harm they would deal to their own orbital infrastructures, and that rogue nations would also likely choose other options in order to avoid massive collateral damage to potential political allies, any unprovoked kinetic strike would invite fierce retribution.
In fact, all the scientists in the Honolulu workshop agreed that increasing and compounding space debris is one of the greatest threats to all spacefarers.
Summary: Astronauts travelling to Mars are likely to be farmers and chefs as well as trained spacefarers.
47) AFP, "Asian spacefarers race for the moon," SpaceDaily.
These first spacefarers were pioneers in every sense of the word, and it is with this in mind that French and Burgess introduce us to these brave men and women.
Even when advances in science and engineering might seem to render decades-old accomplishments irrelevant or outdated, it remains important for spacefarers to understand in the broadest sense the foundations on which they build.
He reports some of the heroic acts in space and some of the terrifying near misses that the early spacefarers survived.
Aliens and spacefarers from film, TV and popular culture from the Clangers to Klingons are dealt with in the opening zone of this exciting and thought-provoking show.
With a life filled with such pain and loss, Marcus's desire not to revisit his tragic, violent Mississippi past makes sense, as does his desire to create a new self in the language of superheroes and spacefarers, figures ostensibly unencumbered by the back-breaking burden of history.
Making matters worse for our putative spacefarers, recent circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the system contains a second monster star, itself with 30 to 60 solar masses.
Harrison also considers how to equip spacefarers to deal with everyday health problems as well as with the accidental injuries and medical conditions associated with space.
Jill, who was Jodie Foster's role model for the film Contact, is president of the American Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute which also watches out for evidence of spacefarers.
It is likely, they suggest, that complex life-forms either evolve readily on planets or arrive as colonizing spacefarers from distant worlds.