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the age beginning with the first space travel

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Space-age materials or not, some modicum of warm-up should be observed, if only for five minutes.
Daniella Delaney, editor of Practical Parenting, said: "It's such a space-age gadget, it's a way of getting dad interested in feeding time too.
He argues persuasively that such "capsules looked forward to a high-tech future of movement and change"--our actual world--in which early space-age optimism and artifacts give way to art of the 1990s that resorts ironically to similar motifs for satiric purposes (131).
Others represent the latest in computer-aided design and space-age technology, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and Kansai Airport in Japan.
Mind Station is easy to set up and its space-age design makes it a cool accessory for desktops.
To mimic the complex retina, the implants were crafted from tiny slivers of a 2-micron-thick space-age material called lead-zirconium-titanium oxide.
Widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading experts on telemining and robotics based on his work at Inco's Creighton and Stobie mines, Baiden provided an insider's perspective of some of the opportunities on the space-age frontiers of mining.
JUST IMAGINE: An artist's impression of the new, space-age centre on the Wirral waterfront
The revolutionary space-age fabric used to make this incredible cooler bag is designed to help keep food cool and fresh.
A sort of space-age Alwin Nikolais, Pendleton has the knack for turning props, including his dancers' bodies, into visual puns, setting them to exotic music, and staging them with uncanny theatrical panache.
The company builds a product as steeped in folklore as man's own seafaring tradition, but to compete in a rapidly diminishing marketplace - -one that's littered with the detritus of failed manufacturers - it needs to use measures that are only available through today's space-age technology.
A space-age chrome-lead-nickel alloy called Inconel 600, used in Trojan's cooling tubes, had worn out almost 20 years sooner than expected, allowing radioactive gas to escape into the plant.
He writes an almost poetic text describing space-age research as well as the people involved and their instruments.
A plasma arc torch, originally developed for the space program, has been harnessed to the venerable cupola melting furnace, successfully pairing a 200-year-old iron melting process to a space-age technology.
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