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a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere

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Dubai: A professor in Dubai has created a prototype of the UAE Space Gum, a chewing gum designed for space travellers.
The texts I chose to explore are Margaret Wild's Space Travellers, illustrated by Gregory Rogers (1999), and Hathorn's Way Home (1994), for which Rogers won the prestigious Greenaway Medal for his illustrations.
The White House has announced it is to axe the Constellation mission which had aimed to take space travellers back to the moon.
WEIRD SCIENCE "Heroic space travellers will end up squat, tubby and with shiny heads.
The headaches ranged from mild to severe with three out of four space travellers saying their headaches were "exploding" or "heavy".
8 Which space travellers were brought back to life by nanobots?
Popular television series Star Trek featured a "holodeck" which allowed space travellers to explore the real world from the safety of the Starship Enterprise.
A rather convincing moonlit moor seemed perfectly in place until Verdi's witches appeared: not the grotesque, otherworldly beings as expected, but three groups clad in flashy red, blue and green garments, they seemed almost like space travellers.
Professor Sacco flew on a NASA mission on the space shuttle Columbia in 1995 making him one of an elite group of space travellers.
A CREW of young space travellers set off on a gravity-defying mission today.
Unfortunately, these space travellers don't get to walk on the moon
Would-be space travellers that have the interest, the enthusiasm and the money, will be able to visit the moon if plans that are being formulated by a group of former NASA engineers come to fruition.
She holds the record of the longest space flight (195 days) for woman space travellers.
She remarked that she is excited to watch the London Olympics from the station along with other space travellers from different parts of the planet, while hinting the possibilities of having a sport event up there in space itself.
Television pictures showed the capsule with its orange and white parachute touching down in the sprawling Kazakh steppe and teams of space agency workers carrying out the space travellers.
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